NextGen Digital Leader: Vivek Dharia, KNP Securities

Can you give an overview of emerging technologies you have deployed?

As clients become more demanding and more tech-savvy, we need new modes of engagement and digital interventions. In response to increasing competitive pressures and rising customer expectations, we are investing aggressively in digital transformation. We are implementing AI, which will support risk management by improving the enterprise-wide risk analysis needed to fulfill the changing needs of the organization with real-time risk through AI/automation while operating within compliance and regulatory parameters. 

Which are the functions/departments in your organization that is starting first with the emerging technologies?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will transform the entire industries, making way for virtual helpers, which will reshape our business strategies. Applications for automation, chatbots, data management and more in different departments will bring significant changes. On the one hand, this will create a threat to security.

How will emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IOT, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Analytics etc will change the fabric of IT organizations?

These technologies will definitely solve and change many human routines like decision-making, developing businesses and scientific models, recognition objects, emotions, speeches, and remaking the customer experience.

Best practices and emerging tech deployment strategies

Emerging technology strategy will definitely mitigate risk with lowering TCO, increase the ROI and it will enable technology advancement through disciplined lifecycle management with better customer experience. We must reinvent ourselves and not just to respond to mass digitalization but to be flexible enough to adopt an easy procedure for upcoming challenges.

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