Nextgen Digital Leader: Sunil Kumar Makkena: Cyient

Can you give an overview of emerging technologies you have deployed?

Key in-house developed solutions using various emerging technologies are:

  • AI & ML-based solution to detect potential delivery escalations at an early stage, alert respective authorities for actions: Significant drop of escalations at CXO level
  • Location-enabled, real-time monitoring of IT assets( 12,000 assets) and workspaces ( 11 locations) through RPA, Analytics, GIS: IT Asset & workspace Optimization
  • UAV & ML-based comprehensive solutions enabled

o   Police department, to manage traffic surveillance, Cordon & search, crowd & accident control, anti-insurgency & e-challan

o   Indian Defence, in real time surveillance, target acquisition at very high altitude even in extreme weather conditions

o   Farmers, on precision agriculture for improved yield

  • AR / VR based solution enables Ophthalmologist to visualize intricate parts of eyes during training/diagnosis
  • Low cost, a portable, binocular device to quantify and measure pupillary responses to light stimuli using ML & Analytics
  • IoT based solutions to improve equipment performance and reduce maintenance cost for customers

Which are the functions/departments in your organization that is starting first with the emerging technologies?

Corporate IT, Finance, New Business Accelerator, Business units such as Utilities & Geospatial, Aero & Defence, Communication, Medical & Healthcare etc.,

How will emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IOT, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Analytics etc. will change the fabric of IT organizations ?

  • Visualized training through AR / VR helped us to reduce the learning curve
  • Repetitive manual tasks handled through digital workforce using RPA
  • Predicting customer mood through NLP and AI, helped us to address the issues early
  • The way we work, compete, communicate, scale, – how we improve deliveries to customers with increasing speed and quality, reduced cost and higher efficiency
  • Execution methodology- a process based vs people based

Emerging tech best practices and deployment practices

  • In-House, New business/ technology incubators, to develop new cutting edge solutions internally and through co-invention with its clients
  • Open Innovation Challenge(OIC) with extreme automation using various emerging technologies, encouraging people to come up with innovative thoughts
  • Centralized Operation Center for emerging technologies to implement solution across business areas (RPA CoE, AR/VR CoE)
  • Training for re-skilling/ upskilling of associates on the latest technologies
  • Communicating to employees across what, why and how about the new technologies
  • Leadership drive to role model and increased adaption

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