NextGen Digital Leader: Sandeep Jamdagni: Ashiana Housing


Can you give an overview of emerging technologies you have deployed?

Ashiana Housing is a full customer-centric organization believes in keeping 100% transparency with customers. We have introduced Cloud computing and Augmented Reality in our customer-related processes. Our DR site is fully operational on Clouds of renamed DR service provider. Our CRM module, where the customer can also do log in and check his all payments/receipts and project construction update, all is available via web services over cloud servers.

We have also introduced VR for our customers who want to get the real feel of amenities of projects and walk through from their residence and also in our specially designed experience rooms at under construction projects. We are also working on moving towards Augmented realities so that we can give a real-life walkthrough for the projects which are under construction. like how the cloud house will be or how much will be the green area and other amenities etc.

Which are the functions/departments in your organization that is starting first with the emerging technologies?

Information technologies and Sales department and construction department are the first users of new technologies. Being the service provider to our internal customers, IT team experience the emerging technologies and discuss with concern departments for the PoC and demos. Sometimes departments come to IT with their research on new technologies.

Sales and construction are two major operations department of Ashiana Housing, where the efficiency and sustainability of the new process are required. IT department use extensively Clouds services not only for operations but for their day to day services like email, backups, video conferencing and collaborations on documents and projects.

How will emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IOT, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Analytics etc will change the fabric of IT organizations?

All the above mentioned emerging technologies have changed the landscape of IT organizations. To have a competitive edge among competitors, businesses have to invest in these technologies. There is the totally new way of working in IT teams, now they are not just considered as Hardware provider or troubleshooters, business managers look towards them with a hope of getting them always ahead of the competition by introducing new technologies to tap new customers and keep engage old/loyal customers. IT originations are more management and consulting organizations. Where not only the product is developed but a solution is developed and implemented with a continuous improvement plan.

Emerging tech best practices and deployment strategies

  • The most important factor is the business and core customer understanding between IT dept and business process owners to be established while defining the strategy for the deployment of any new technology.
  • Identification of stakeholders of the process must be done. So that teams can get clarification as n when required.
  • Risk assessments to do in case there is implementation failure, moreover Plan-B.
  • Business process outcomes to understand.
  • A problem to be sorted out with the deployment of the technology should be identified and all teams should be on the same page of understanding the problem.
  • A proof of concept must run before deploying technology it in operations.
  • Results of PoC should be shared and debated with Stakeholders to move in operations.
  • Operations training and continuous process monitoring and improvement plan to be made.





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