NextGen Digital leader: Piyush Chowhan: Arvind Lifestyle Brands


Can you give an overview of emerging technologies you have deployed? 

In our Digital transformation journey, we have implemented Omni-channel solutions, which help, in better our same-store sales by implementing the Modern POS, Order Management Solution and Logistics Management solution. We have also implemented a modern AI based Customer Analysis and Segmentation solution which helps in doing campaigns intelligently.

Which are the functions/departments in your organization that are starting first with the emerging technologies?

We are building solutions for Product design department, which will help in getting the entire product design process, digitized by the development process. We use 3D Design software that helps in getting the entire product process automated. We are using AI-based customer segmentation, personalization and campaign management to help reach out to customers better.

How will emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IOT, Big Data, Augmented Reality, and Analytics etc will change the fabric of IT organizations?

AI, IOT, and Big Data are the three pillars for implementation of Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation at Arvind. We want to implement RFID based solution, which will help in traceability of product information across the end-2-end supply chain. We also are building a modern data lake, which will help in getting the data to all the business users on demand. This will help in making the organization ready for a data-driven decision-making process.

Emerging tech best practices and deployment strategies

The biggest roadblock in getting emerging technology is the transformation to a digital mindset. The transformation will be effective if change management will is handled well. Adoption of new agile ways of working using collaborative tools is important to enable the adoption of these technologies more effectively. Data led decision-making and design thinking are important skills in the digital era.

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