NextGen Digital Leader: Chander Khanduja: Luminous India

Can you give an overview of emerging technologies you have deployed?

We had implemented AI, ML, Big Data and IoT in the organization for different business problems. Big Data implemented for various dashboarding requirements on Microsoft Power BI. IoT implemented for connect products on azure IoT Hub.   AI and ML-based chatbots are implemented for the customer and internal process optimization.

Which are the functions/departments in your organization that is starting first with the emerging technologies?

Below are the departments are which uses emerging technologies:

-Sales, Quality for BIGDATA

– Offer Development and marketing for IOT

– AI and ML-based chat BOTS for service and internal IT 

How emerging tech is changing the IT Organizations?

With help of emerging technologies like AI, ML, AR, and Big Data, IT organizations are being converted from a support function to key business enabler driving business benefits with its digital initiatives and also helping management to cut down support functions cost. AR-based application developed by IT is the main selling tool for the sales team to sell designer fans in the market. Connected products using IoT directly helping marketing and offer development department to offer better customer experience.

Emerging tech best practices and deployment strategies= 

The influx of new technology must be carefully managed to ensure that the appropriate technology is selected for any given application and that this technology is consistent with the capabilities of the organization looking to acquire it.

–   Conduct a needs assessment.

–   Consider application and deployment issues.

–   Understand the limitations of technology

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