NextGen Digital Leader: Ashok Verma:TBEA Energy (India)


 Can you give an overview of emerging technologies you have deployed?

We deployed ERP Integrated RFID based Asset and Inventory Management system which helps a lot to business to control the inventory level and trace the company assets.

Which are the functions/departments in your organization that is starting first with the emerging technologies?

Start from Main store and Finance and to extend to production and dispatch in phase wise.

How will emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IOT, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Analytics etc will change the fabric of IT organizations?

In today’s world of technology, AI and augmented reality are coming together to create a whole new world of business processes. Knowing that digital transformation is not only a technological shift, but an organizational change at the intersection of technology, business, and people, such reflection must take into account countless possibilities. Big data continues to shape the corporate universe in unexpected ways, especially when AI and augmented come into play and force to IT organizations to be Business-centric approach along with technology. 

Emerging tech best practices and deployment strategies

Careful planning and on-going, critical evaluation of progress are central to the successful implementation of a major project of information technology. Taking a lifecycle perspective on the implementation of technological systems will, we hope, help organizations to avoid some of the all too commonly encountered pitfalls and improve the likelihood of successful implementation and adoption. We have adopted stages as :

  1. Clarify what problem(s) the technology is designed to help tackle.
  2. Build consensus.
  3. Consider your options
  4. Choose systems that meet clinical needs and are affordable
  5. Plan appropriately
  6. Don’t forget the infrastructure
  7. Train staff
  8. Continuously evaluate progress



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