UiPath Unveils Enhanced Automation Platform with UiPath Autopilot and GenAI

UiPath unveils GenAI-enhanced features, Autopilot for devs and testers, Microsoft 365 integration, AI-powered IDP enhancements, and building blocks for automation.

New Update

UiPath Autopilot

UiPath, an enterprise automation and AI software company has unveiled several new features in its platform, integrating GenAI extensively into the "UiPath Business Automation Platform". These enhancements aim to help businesses achieve superior outcomes through AI and automation. The company showcased its latest capabilities at the "UiPath on Tour London: AI at Work" summit on July 2, held at the InterContinental London.


UiPath Autopilot for Developers and Testers

UiPath has introduced UiPath Autopilot™, an AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity for developers and testers. For developers, Autopilot uses GenAI and NLP within UiPath Studio to streamline workflow creation, expression generation, and automation building. It allows developers to describe automation ideas in natural language, converting them into workflows, expressions, and code, thus speeding up deployment and simplifying tasks for both novice and experienced developers.

For testers, UiPath Autopilot accelerates software testing by refining requirements, generating detailed manual tests, and converting them into automated tests. It ensures quality by analyzing requirements for clarity and completeness and offers real-time insights for continuous improvement in the test case portfolio.


UiPath Plugin and Integration with Copilot for Microsoft 365

Now in preview, the UiPath integration with Copilot for Microsoft 365 enables joint customers to automate end-to-end business processes directly within Microsoft Teams. This integration provides access to a prebuilt automation library for completing common, repetitive tasks, as well as specialized automation for function- or industry-specific tasks. Users can also discover and run custom automation developed by their company, enhancing productivity and collaboration within Microsoft Teams.

New AI Enhancements for IDP


UiPath has introduced significant AI enhancements for its intelligent document processing (IDP) capabilities, showcased at UiPath On Tour London. These enhancements include the release of UiPath DocPath and CommPath, specialized large language models (LLMs) designed for out-of-the-box processing of any document or message with increased accuracy, speed, and scale. Both LLMs are now generally available.

Additionally, UiPath has implemented active learning techniques, reducing training effort by 80%. This feature allows users to train their models with active AI guidance, eliminating the need for machine learning or coding skills. Another key enhancement is generative validation, which uses GenAI to validate Document Understanding model outputs. This feature provides a "second opinion" on extracted data, reducing human validation workload, decreasing average handling time, and boosting automation rates by up to 200%.

AI-Powered Building Blocks


UiPath has introduced AI-powered building blocks to streamline and enhance automation tasks for developers. These GenAI activities simplify common use cases, such as generating chat responses, filtering Personally Identifiable Information (PII), summarizing text, translating languages, detecting objects in images, classifying images, categorizing data, and extracting named entities from text. Additionally, UiPath's Intelligent UI form-handling capabilities, informed by Clipboard AI, treat forms as single entities, allowing for faster development and easier maintenance. These features include form filling, form copying, and setting values, all secured by the UiPath Trust Layer to ensure data compliance and policy adherence.