TCS Unveils WisdomNext, Industry-first GenAI Aggregation Platform

TCS unveils WisdomNext, a platform that consolidates various GenAI services into one interface, facilitating organizations in embracing cutting-edge technologies on a large scale while reducing costs.

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TCS WisdomNext

TCS AI WisdomNext

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), renowned for its expertise in IT services, consulting, and business solutions, has introduced TCS AI WisdomNext. This innovative platform consolidates various Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) services into one interface, facilitating organizations in swiftly embracing cutting-edge technologies on a large scale while reducing costs and adhering to regulatory standards. By offering a unified environment, this platform simplifies the development and deployment of business solutions, enabling real-time experimentation with a wide array of vendor, in-house, and open-source LLM models.


AI and GenAI hold vast potential across business value chains. Yet, solution designers worldwide often struggle to navigate the selection, experimentation, and decision-making processes regarding foundational models. These models continually evolve, each offering unique features in terms of usage, cost, and efficacy. According to TCS’ AI for Business Study, a comprehensive survey on AI's impact, business executives generally view AI positively but feel uncertain about the transformation journey. TCS AI WisdomNext addresses these challenges by aiding businesses in selecting appropriate models and streamlining the design of new solutions with GenAI tools. Additionally, it facilitates the reuse of existing components to expedite the design process.

Siva Ganesan, Head, AI.Cloud Unit, TCS, said, “TCS AI WisdomNext helps our customers take advantage of GenAI to unlock the full potential of their data, drive greater business innovation and efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Customers appreciate the newly launched platform’s ability to help navigate a diverse and quickly evolving AI marketplace and rapidly compose 'art-of-the-possible' solutions. We are solving business problems and helping our customers redefine what it means to harness the power of GenAI. The rapid adoption of GenAI and experiencing what it means in terms of business outcomes is something our customers find very exciting.”

During the initial testing phase, TCS has already utilized this robust tool to generate value and develop prototypes for several major clients. For instance, it expedited sales processes for a US outdoor advertising firm by providing real-time inventory availability and generating quotes integrated with maps. Moreover, it bolstered productivity and efficiency throughout the application migration and modernization lifecycle for a prominent American insurance company. Additionally, it improved customer experience by implementing a smart mortgage assistant for a leading bank in the UK.


Scott Kessler, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Northeast Shared Services, said, “GenAI presents us with the chance to elevate the value of our knowledge capital across multiple dimensions. Through access to the TCS AI WisdomNext™ platform, we can amplify our enterprise knowledge, orchestrating a seamless integration of data and insights to enhance the efficiency, innovation, and customer-centric focus of our grocery organization, thereby incrementing value at every turn.”

TCS AI WisdomNext is a comprehensive enterprise AI orchestration platform equipped with various features:

  • Preconfigured blueprints tailored for different industries
  • Intelligent 'evaluator bots' that assist organizations in comparing available GenAI models and related technology stacks, aiding in informed decision-making
  • Scenarios to optimize GenAI operational costs using the platform's inherent intelligence

    Centralized governance with built-in guardrails to ensure compliance with local regulations and industry best practices
  • Seamless portability across cloud platforms and GenAI ecosystems
  • Capability to build hyper-personalized experiences, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

R “Ray” Wang, CEO and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, said, “Customers seek an innovative GenAI platform that has a powerful combination of prefabricated industry blueprints, cutting-edge technologies, and orchestration capability to help businesses succeed in their future adoption strategies and innovation on GenAI. The service providers that thoughtfully make investments in GenAI and help clients transform, navigate, and experience the world of GenAI with security and ethical guardrails at its core will be the technology partners that customers will trust to deliver on the promises of GenAI. These AI-first technology partners can deliver on what customers seek - a new multi-model, multi-modal, and multi-cloud platform.”  

The AI. Cloud unit consolidates TCS' expertise in cloud computing and artificial intelligence to address the evolving needs of customers. Its extensive portfolio of GenAI services encompasses consulting, solution design, prototyping, large language model training, guardrail agent design, project delivery, ongoing maintenance, and a responsible AI framework, assisting enterprises in ethical and secure AI usage. With over 300,000 associates trained in AI/ML fundamentals, including GenAI, TCS aims to establish one of the world's largest AI-capable workforces.