TCS Partners with Xerox to Transform its IT Technology Using Cloud and GenAI

TCS partners with Xerox for a transformative program, enhancing business outcomes through cloud, AI, and next-gen platforms, driving sustainable growth and innovation.

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TCS partners with Xerox

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a global leader in IT services, consulting, and business solutions, has strengthened its strategic partnership with Xerox through a comprehensive transformation program. This initiative aims to accelerate Xerox's transition to a streamlined, services-led, and software-enabled organization. As part of the agreement, TCS will consolidate Xerox’s technology services to enhance business outcomes, migrate complex legacy data centers to the Azure public cloud, implement a cloud-based Digital ERP platform to revolutionize business processes and integrate generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) into operations to foster sustainable growth.


TCS will create a new agile, cloud-first operating model for Xerox. Utilizing the robust capabilities of its service practices, including AI. Cloud, Enterprise Solutions (such as TCS Crystallus™), and Cognitive Business Operations (like TCS Cognix™), TCS will develop an AI-first enterprise platform for Xerox. These TCS capabilities will be integrated with the expertise of industry partners, including leading hyperscalers and AI solution providers.

“This digital transformation initiative is an important enabler for reinventing our operating model to simplify our geographical, offering, and operational footprint while transforming our clients’ experience. We believe TCS is the right partner to deliver such a complex program given their proven experience both within Xerox and across the industry”, said   Tino Lancellotti, Chief Information Officer, Xerox.

Based in the US, Xerox is a global leader in digital print technology and related solutions, operating in nearly 145 countries. Its clients include small and medium-sized businesses, graphic communications companies, governmental entities, educational institutions, and most Fortune 500 companies. The shift to a cloud-first, digital services-led organization marks a significant milestone in Xerox's multi-year Reinvention plan, unveiled in 2023, aimed at transforming its revenue mix and delivering sustainable profits.


 “Xerox and TCS have been on a collaboration and co-innovation journey for over two decades, which has grown from strength to strength transforming business functions from finance to HR along the way. We are now excited to partner with Xerox to support their Reinvention to create the foundation for long-term, sustainable growth by establishing the digital core leveraging cloud, AI, and next-generation enterprise platforms”, said V Rajanna, President of technology, Software and Services, TCS.

This announcement reinforces TCS's strong presence in the US, its largest market, with nearly 50,000 associates and 19 delivery centers. Over 50 years of operations in the region, TCS has become the preferred partner for digital transformation across various industry sectors.

Amit Bajaj, President, North America, TCS, said, “Xerox's Reinvention is a bold initiative founded in the belief that a 100+ year-old organization can rapidly transform itself to be a much simpler, agile, and technology-led firm to better serve its clients. GenAI has catalyzed the next S-curve of enterprise transformation, and we are proud to be partnering with legends of American industry, such as Xerox, to go beyond use cases to realize the promise of this pathbreaking technology at an enterprise scale.”