TCS and Nuuday Announces Partnership for Cloud Transformation

TCS and Nuuday join forces for a groundbreaking cloud transformation partnership in Denmark's telecom sector, enhancing infrastructure, accelerating product launches, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Punam Singh
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TCS and Nuuday

The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Nuuday have signed an agreement to implement a complex cloud transformation. Nuuday is Denmark's premier digital connectivity and communications provider and it has entered into this groundbreaking agreement with TCS to promote its cloud transformation journey.


This partnership aims to strengthen Nuuday's IT infrastructure, optimize time-to-market, and enrich experiences for both employees and customers. Here, TCS will be responsible for overseeing the migration of Nuuday's IT infrastructure to its hybrid cloud platform. The organization will utilize its TCS Enterprise Cloud Platform which is renowned for its next-generation architecture and advanced tools. Nuuday anticipates accelerated product and service launches by this partnership, ultimately satisfying its extensive customer base.

Nuuday delivers its digital services and connectivity solutions to over 4.1 million Danish households and 1.8 million businesses. And with TCS Nuuday aspires to achieve its vision to be positioned as a forward-thinking service provider by establishing a modern, secure, and agile infrastructure that can seamlessly adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

“As the leading digital communications and connectivity provider in Denmark, we need a modernized and autonomous Infrastructure estate that can support the increasing demand for the latest digital products and services. We are turning to TCS based on the company’s proven industry experience and successful completion of complex cloud transformation projects in the digital communications sector. This important partnership brings us a modern, automated hybrid cloud service that will help us future-proof our business and ensure excellent end-user satisfaction”, said Monika Gullin, Chief Technology Officer, Nuuday.


The center of this transformation is TCS' provision of Infrastructure as a Service which will facilitate the implementation of an innovative hybrid cloud architecture for Nuuday. This architecture empowers Nuuday to distribute workloads across both private and public clouds offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Additionally, TCS will also deliver personalized digital workplace services through its advanced platform, TCS Cognix, in terms of further enhancing Nuuday's operational efficiency.

“We are proud to be chosen as the strategic technology and infrastructure domain partner for Nuuday, with a responsibility to manage the company’s entire IT infrastructure transformation strategy, including end-user services. With its extensive contextual knowledge, deep domain expertise, and experience in the digital communications sector, TCS is committed to supporting Nuuday’s vision with innovation and new technology in this nationally significant Scandinavian partnership”, said Vikram Sharma, Country Head, of Denmark while speaking about the partnership.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both NUuday and TCS, moving towards a new era of digital innovation and transformation in Denmark's telecommunication industry.