SWAYAM Plus Portal: Upgraded Platform for Industry-driven Courses

Education Minister unveils 'SWAYAM Plus' by IIT Madras. Industry courses for job skills with AI chatbot & credit recognition for flexible learning.

Punam Singh
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SWAYAM Plus portal

SWAYAM Plus portal, operated by  IIT Madras was unveiled by Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan The platform offers industry-driven courses in collaboration with leading companies like L&T, Microsoft, and Cisco. This initiative aims to enhance employability and professional development for learners across various sectors.


SWAYAM Plus is an extension of the SWAYAM platform which focuses on providing employability and job-centric courses developed in collaboration with industry giants. As the platform is led by IIT Madras, learners will be able to access courses in Manufacturing, Energy, IT, Management, Healthcare, and more.

The platform aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, by combining academic thoroughness with real-world expertise. SWAYAM Plus ensures learners gain practical skills and knowledge essential for success in the professional space by offering courses accredited by reputed industrial houses.

In alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the SWAYAM Plus caters to diverse learners including working professionals. The courses provided by this platform offer learners flexible entry and exit points where they can easily balance their work and studies while upskilling or reskilling to meet evolving industry demands.


“SWAYAM Plus offers employability, entrepreneurial mode, and job-centric courses, emphasizing practical, hands-on learning. Our goal is to make education industry-fit, providing learners with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the professional world. Higher education is no longer limited to the traditional student. It is now accessible to the working population as well. The NEP 2020’s provision for multiple entry and exit points allows individuals to pursue education at their own pace. This concept is embodied in SWAYAM Plus, a vehicle that enables working professionals to balance their work and studies by offering a plethora of online courses. With SWAYAM Plus, we are empowering individuals to upskill and reskill, enhancing their career prospects and contributing to India’s knowledge economy”, said Dharmendra Pradhan.

One of the key features of SWAYAM Plus is that it offers multilingual content and an AI-enabled chatbot for personalized course recommendations. It facilitates credit recognition for industry courses, enabling learners to earn credits alongside their degree requirements, and enhancing academic flexibility.

The platform contributes towards building a skilled workforce equipped to drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and inclusive growth in India by providing access to industry-aligned courses.