Saudi Arabia Unveils First Humanoid Robot "Sara" Reflecting Cultural Values

'Sara' Saudi Arabia unveils humanoid robot, blending tech with tradition. Developed by QSS AI & Robots, Sara embodies cultural values, avoiding sensitive topics.

Punam Singh
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Sara Saudi Arabia's humanoid robot

Saudi Arabia has introduced its inaugural humanoid robot named 'Sara'. The robot is designed to embody a blend of technological innovation and traditional societal norms. It is developed by Riyadh-based QSS AI and Robots. 


Sara, as elucidated by Elie Metri, CEO of QSS AI & Robots, is designed with meticulous attention to detail. Sara's appearance mirrors the cultural values that are prevalent in the kingdom as she is seen sporting an abaya which is a traditional Saudi garment. Metri also highlighted the role of Sara as an ambassador of politeness, steering clear of contentious topics such as politics and sexuality in adherence to Saudi's societal standards.

Sara's functionalities are centralized to the proprietary language learning model (LLM) developed by QSS AI & Robots. Unlike other robots and their counterparts, Sara's AI is internally developed, minimizing reliance on external datasets. She is programmed to converse proficiently in both Arabic and English. Sara navigates dialogue within the parameters of Saudi Arabia's legal and cultural framework which remains deeply influenced by Sharia law.

The unveiling of Sara however has not been without controversy. A previous incident involving another humanoid robot developed by QSS AI & Robots, Muhammad stirred heated debate. A viral video depicted Muhammad engaging in inappropriate physical contact with a female reporter, igniting accusations of misconduct. Metri, however, dismissed the outcry by attributing the incident to cultural differences and asserting that Muhammad's actions were innocuous.

Sara stands as a testament to the nation's strides in artificial intelligence (AI) while delicately navigating cultural sensitivities. Her debut underscores Saudi Arabia's commitment to technological innovation while navigating the intricacies of societal expectations. As the kingdom continues to carve its path in the field of AI and robotics.