Revolutionizing Customer Experiences with AI: CP Gurnani

Rahul Bhatia, the Group Managing Director of InterGlobe, and CP Gurnani, the Chairman of Assago Group, have unveiled a groundbreaking venture AlonOS

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CP Gurnani

In a visionary move set to reshape the landscape of technology-driven enterprises, CP Gurnani and Rahul Bhatia, two esteemed figures in the tech industry, have joined forces to launch AIonOS—a groundbreaking company poised to redefine customer experiences through innovative AI solutions.


Their journey began with a series of enlightening conversations, where Gurnani's fervent desire to integrate technology into every facet of business resonated deeply with Rahul Bhatia. They shared a common vision: technology no longer served as a mere support service but as a powerful differentiator, capable of forging stronger relationships with customers and enhancing overall experiences.

Fuelled by this shared passion, CP Gurnani and Rahul Bhatia set their sights on creating something futuristic—a venture that would transcend boundaries and set new standards in customer engagement. This vision crystallized into AIonOS, a testament to their commitment to leveraging AI to create lasting impacts in various industries.

"As I delved into my past endeavors and aspirations, it became evident that my journey as a corporate entrepreneur had prepared me for this moment. With a keen focus on harnessing data, creating SaaS platforms, and serving customers globally, my ambition mirrored the ethos of AIonOS,” said CP Gurnani.


Their strategic alignment led them to identify TTLH (Travel, Transportation, Logistics, and Hospitality) as the ideal vertical to channel their efforts. With InterGlobe's extensive footprint in these sectors, coupled with their personal rapport with Rahul Bhatia and his family, the stage was set for a partnership that combined personal chemistry with sound business acumen.

The naming of the company was a swift and decisive process. Within an hour, they settled on the name "AIonOS," symbolizing everlasting innovation and embodying the essence of AI as the operating system of their solutions.

“As we unveil AIonOS to the world on 23 April, the company's focus will be on AI-enabled solutions, SaaS platforms, and product innovation. With a team comprising industry experts, AIonOS is well-equipped to deliver targeted service offerings that empower intelligent enterprises,” added Gurnani.

The vision for AIonOS extends beyond mere technological innovation—it's about revolutionizing customer experiences and bridging the gap between data and consumer interactions. With a strategic partnership with InterGlobe Group, AIonOS is poised to make waves in the TTLH sector and beyond.