Razorpay POS Introduces 'Q-Zap' to simplify Checkout Experience

●The solution will help businesses save up to 20% in annual operating costs ●The plug-and-play integration with 120+ billing partners speeds up solution setup significantly, from 4 weeks to 4 days

New Update

Razorpay POS has introduced ‘Q-Zap’, a novel solution aimed at transforming the checkout experience for retailers. The initiative, designed to reduce billing wait times by 40% and eliminate queues, underscores Razorpay POS’s dedication to enhancing the offline business landscape. With Q-Zap, retailers can anticipate potential savings of up to 20% in annual operating costs.


Q-Zap addresses a common frustration among customers and merchants alike: long checkout lines. By leveraging innovative queue-busting solutions, businesses can now collect payments beyond traditional billing counters. Self-checkout kiosks and handheld POS devices integrated with Q-Zap allow customers to complete transactions seamlessly from anywhere within the store. Moreover, Q-Zap's integration with over 120 billing partners offers a swift setup, reducing implementation time from 4 weeks to just 4 days.

Rahul Kothari, Chief Operating Officer at Razorpay, said: "At Razorpay, we are committed to empowering businesses with tools that ensure seamless payment experiences. Q-Zap, our queue-busting solution, aims to not only eliminate tedious checkout lines for customers but also to free up in-store staff’s time so they can be available to customers and provide them assistance, which could include answering questions or facilitating customer checkout. As India's consumer market evolves dynamically, so do the needs of businesses. With the market poised for exponential growth, achieving the ambitious $2 trillion target by 2033 requires robust infrastructure. Razorpay prides itself on innovation, constantly developing agile solutions to address key pain points in the entire money movement journey of not just online businesses, but offline too.”

The launch of Q-Zap marks another milestone in Razorpay's journey to revolutionize offline payments. Building on its acquisition of Ezetap in 2022, Razorpay continues to expand its suite of offerings, catering to both online and offline businesses.