Radiflow & Opscura Partner to Deliver Advanced Solutions: Double Threat to Cybercrime!

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Radiflow & Opscura Partner to Deliver Advanced Solutions

Customers receive complete cyber visibility and protection for OT settings without interfering with business processes. On 4 June 2024, in Tel Aviv, Israel, A collaborative technical partnership between Opscura, a pioneer in industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity, and Radiflow, a leader in operations technology (OT) cybersecurity and risk management solutions, aims to provide cutting-edge industrial cybersecurity solutions. Through this partnership, Opscura's cutting-edge data protection solutions and Radiflow's experience in OT cybersecurity will be combined to provide improved, end-to-end protection for industrial networks and systems. 


 Attacks on critical infrastructure and industry are becoming more frequent.

Attacks on critical infrastructure and industry are becoming more frequent as sophisticated nation-state threat actors strive to interfere with business as usual. By integrating Radiflow and Opscura's technologies and capabilities, the alliance offers a previously unheard-of degree of sophisticated threat detection, encryption, legacy asset cloaking, and OT environment monitoring. As customers improve security through network visibility, automatic threat detection, and data-driven risk management, they may benefit from quick, economical segmentation and protection of OT networks.

"We are thrilled to work with Opscura," Radiflow's founder and CEO, Ilan Barda, stated. "Organisations have a far greater need to segment their networks and cloak legacy assets that lack native, modern-day threat protections as cyberattacks on operational environments continue to escalate." Simultaneously, they must improve their ICS network visibility to reduce risk and identify risks as they arise proactively. These features also simplify OT operations to comply with IEC 62443 and NIS2.


"Joining forces with Radiflow is a one-two punch for companies that want to quickly and cost-effectively mitigate the ongoing threats to their mission-critical operations," stated Brian Brammaeier, CEO of Opscura. The days of having two- or three-year cyber security roadmaps that required weeks of scheduled downtime and re-architecture are long gone. Companies may implement secure data gathering, asset segmentation, and continuous risk monitoring in a few days. All for a tenth of the price of the grueling and expensive deployment process from yesterday.”

 Opscura's adaptable solutions may be easily integrated into the OT environment.

The adaptable solutions from Opscura may be easily integrated into the OT environment, resulting in cyber-physical security that is quick, easy, and reasonably priced. Compressed and encrypted traffic is transmitted to the Radiflow OT Security Platform by Opscura equipment. Radiflow regularly checks the network's security against the most recent threat intelligence, looking for anomalies that could point to a cyber incident.

Opscura and Radiflow are dedicated to providing industrial operators with the knowledge and resources to protect themselves against ever-changing cyberattacks. By working together, security is improved, and a clear, practical route to complying with guidelines and standards like NIS2 is provided. Customers can confidently operate their OT environments thanks to our partnership because they are outfitted with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that guard against present and potential threats.