Quantum Unveils Scalar i7 RAPTOR: Empowering AI Data Lakes & Clouds

Quantum's Scalar i7 RAPTOR: Cutting-edge tape innovation for AI data lakes & cloud solutions, offering unmatched storage density and anti-ransomware features.

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Quantum Unveils Scalar i7 RAPTOR

Quantum Corporation unveiled the Scalar i7 RAPTOR, its newest tape innovation designed to accommodate expanding AI applications. Tailored for hyperscale clients, MSPs, and major enterprises, the Scalar i7 RAPTOR promises the most compact and scalable tape solution available. With the increasing need to preserve vast amounts of data for AI frameworks, this solution offers customers an economical, environmentally friendly, and secure option for data lakes, data security, and private or hybrid cloud setups.


“As unstructured data growth continues unbounded due to the rise of AI and other high-performance workloads, large enterprises need a low-cost, highly secure archival storage system that acts as the backbone of private and hybrid clouds and creates data lakes to fuel AI models and initiatives. As the pioneers in tape technology, we used our expertise and input from our major hyper-scale customers to develop the most advanced tape solution built for these emerging use cases”, said Bruno Hald, vice president of secondary storage at Quantum.

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR sets a new standard for tape solutions with its unparalleled storage density, complemented by exclusive anti-ransomware functionalities such as Tape Blocking, ideal for establishing cyber-resilient private and hybrid clouds. With over four decades of leadership in tape storage, Quantum continues its legacy of innovation with the Scalar i7 RAPTOR, reinforcing its position as a frontrunner in developing and overseeing hyperscale cloud infrastructure. This latest advancement further solidifies Quantum's commitment to enabling the creation of private and hybrid clouds, along with extensive data lakes essential for AI training and implementation.

Key features of the Scalar i7 RAPTOR include:

  • AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR boasts AI-driven predictive analytics as a key feature, revolutionizing industry standards with its advanced AI capabilities for streamlined management and uninterrupted availability. Its automated analytics efficiently analyze drive-media interactions, anticipate robotic failures, and collect vital system data for ongoing learning and performance enhancement. This proactive methodology guarantees unparalleled reliability and continuity in business operations. Additionally, the Scalar i7 RAPTOR harnesses AI to enhance user-friendliness and management through interactive documentation and support resources.

  • Modern S3 Interface Options

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR seamlessly integrates with ActiveScale, Quantum's leading object storage solution, offering a modern S3 interface for easy integration into AI workflows. This integration simplifies user interaction by eliminating traditional complexities associated with tape storage. Together, ActiveScale and the Scalar i7 RAPTOR provide a highly cost-effective solution, enabling enterprises to retain all generated data for comprehensive AI training. Moreover, the system offers flexibility with both OpEx and as-a-service models, catering to diverse organizational needs.

  • Maximum Density, Performance, and Efficiency for Lowest TCO

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR offers maximum storage density, performance, and efficiency, leading to fewer libraries needed for purchase, installation, and maintenance. This results in reduced capital and operational expenditures. The product optimizes data access time and achieves industry-leading performance by avoiding complex mechanical designs that require excessive tape swapping.


With fewer libraries required to reach maximum storage capacity, the need for expensive data center floorspace is significantly reduced. Customers benefit from a low-cost medium that delivers improved total cost of ownership (TCO) due to the enhanced density, performance, and storage efficiency of the Scalar i7 RAPTOR.

  • Sustainability

Quantum prioritizes sustainability, as evident in the Scalar i7 RAPTOR. With environmental consciousness at its core, every aspect of the product's design minimizes impact. Featuring industry-leading low-power consumption and sustainable materials, it ensures eco-friendly practices from manufacturing to disposal. By reducing CO2 emissions, organizations align with environmental goals while benefiting from efficient operations.

  • Simplified Deployment and Maintenance

Designed for rapid deployment, the Scalar i7 RAPTOR facilitates a smooth transition from dock to data center floor in minimal time. Featuring easy maintenance and 100% customer-replaceable components, it empowers data center technicians to service it without specialized training. This simplicity and flexibility enable enterprises to scale their storage infrastructure swiftly and efficiently.

The Scalar i7 RAPTOR will be generally available early next year, with units undergoing customer testing and certification by late fall of this year.