Cognizant & Microsoft Join Hands to Expand Adoption of Gen AI

Cognizant and Microsoft partner to expand generative AI adoption in enterprises, aiming to transform business operations and accelerate innovation across industries.

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Cognizant and Microsoft partnership

Cognizant and Microsoft have announced a global partnership in terms of expanding the adoption of generative AI in the enterprise. The partnership is focused on delivering industry-specific solutions, and harnessing generative AI LLMs, business applications, and enterprise data using Copilou Studio as a platform to create and customize their own-industry and business function-specific Copilots.


The collaboration is aimed at transforming enterprise business operations, enhancing employee experience, and accelerating cross-industry innovation with generative AI projected to inject US$ 1 trillion into the US GDP over the next decade. Under this collaboration, Microsoft and Cognizant will leverage applications across various industries such as healthcare, retail, consumer goods, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, communication, etc.

Cognizant has invested in 25,000 Microsoft 365 Copilot seats for its associates, along with 500 Sales Copilot and 500 Services Copilot seats, with plans to deploy Microsoft 365 Copilot to a million users within their global 2000 clients across 11 industries.

Recently, Cognizant has also announced an Advanced AI Lab that will support these efforts by advancing the science and practice of AI through innovation and development of intellectual property and AI-enablement technologies.

Cognizant has already trained around 35,000 developers on GitHub Copilot through its Synapse skilling program and now has plans to extend the training to an additional 40,000 developers. This training initiative is a part of Cognizant's strategic effort to ensure that its workforce remains at the forefront of technology and prepared to meet the new demands of the AI economy.

This collaboration showcases Microsoft's ability to form strategic partnerships that drive the adoption of its AI technology across various industries. As Cognizant works with its global client base to implement Microsoft's generative AI solutions, it effectively acts as a powerful distribution channel for Microsoft's products and services.