NTPC School of Business Partners with MayaaVerse: Is VR the Future of Education?

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NTPC School of Business Partners with MayaaVerse

To explore the use of virtual reality (VR) technology and create an immersive virtual campus within MCPL's Immersive Tech space, MayaaVerse Creations Private Limited (MCPL), a leading developer of the world's first photo-realistic Immersive Tech platforms, and NTPC School of Business (NSB), a premier business school under the NTPC Education and Research Society, today announced a strategic collaboration.


This collaboration will combine MCPL's state-of-the-art Immersive Tech development skills with NSB's business education.

The partnership aims to give teachers and students a cutting-edge, captivating learning environment in a fully realized virtual world by utilizing virtual reality.

"We at NTPC School of Business are dedicated to embracing cutting-edge technologies that improve our students' educational experience," stated Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran, the school's director. "By partnering with MayaaVerse Creations, we aim to explore the boundless possibilities of virtual reality and Immersive Tech in education, fostering a more engaging and interactive learning journey for our students while preparing them for the digital future."


MCPL, the party that started this extensive collaboration, is building a virtual experience center for the NTPC School of Business. With the help of numerous films, this center will offer guests and students an immersive experience that explores the institution's goals, accomplishments, and rich history. Participants will learn about this important institution's fantastic history and appreciate its contributions to the nation on a deeper level.

 MCPL and NSB will collaborate to build an immersive tech platform to house a virtual version of the NSB campus.

Additionally, MCPL and NSB will collaborate to build an immersive tech platform to house a virtual version of the NSB campus. Thanks to this virtual replica, students can attend lessons, participate in discussions, and participate in various recreational and academic activities in a completely authentic and immersive digital environment.


This partnership's immersive teaching approach is a step toward more thorough instruction. We are opening a new chapter in contemporary education, enabling students to experience learning in addition to learning.

"We are ecstatic to collaborate with NTPC School of Business in shaping the future of learning in the metaverse," expressed MayaaVerse Creations Chief Business Officer Ashish Minocha. "This collaboration represents a significant step towards revolutionizing how knowledge is imparted and experienced, empowering students with immersive and interactive learning opportunities that transcend traditional boundaries."

MayaaVerse is committed to providing more than an idea.


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About NTPC School of Business: 

NTPC School of Business is a top business school committed to developing human capital for the energy industry. It was founded in 2014 under the auspices of the NTPC Education and Research Society. By emphasizing innovation and providing education pertinent to the sector, NSB hopes to generate people who are prepared for the future and know how to advance the energy sector.