NTLF 2024 Aims at Molding the "Techade" by Emphasizing on AI

NASSCOM will host its 2024 Technology & Leadership Forum (NTLF), themed "Shaping the Techade," on February 20th and 21st at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai.

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NTLF 2024 aims on molding the Techade by emphasizing AI, human dynamics, and global innovation.png

NTLF 2024

NASSCOM is gearing up to host its 2024 Technology & Leadership Forum (NTLF), themed "Shaping the Techade," on February 20th and 21st at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai. With the increasing focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and its widespread applications in businesses and societies worldwide, this year's forum aims to delve into the future landscape of technology, particularly highlighting the hyper-democratization of AI. It will bring together thought leaders from various sectors globally to participate in critical discussions concerning the trajectory of technological advancement and its ramifications.


Amid global discussions on the importance of measuring ROI on data, computing, and talent, while also balancing innovation with environmental and ethical concerns, NTLF 2024 will explore the transformative impact of AI on industries. The forum will highlight the urgency for businesses to swiftly adapt to significant changes and integrate AI across various sectors. It will examine the evolving relationship between humans and machines, emphasizing the importance of fostering qualities that define exceptional human leadership. Discussions will center on leveraging AI as a tool to augment human capabilities rather than exert control, addressing ethical challenges and leadership roles in ethical AI practices. Additionally, the forum aims to reassess the skills required in the GenAI era and devise strategies for cultivating a resilient, future-ready workforce.

“2024 unfolds as the pivotal year where AI has transitioned from the initial phase of excitement to the ‘valley of reality’ with a focus on creating tangible human impact. Those who strategically embrace and integrate Generative AI early are likely to position themselves as frontrunners in this dynamic and evolving industry. At NTLF 2024, we aim to navigate this future with foresight and responsibility, ensuring that innovation serves humanity's best interests and fosters a world where AI is recognized as an avenue for advancement rather than solely a source of risk,” said Debjani Ghosh, President, Nasscom.

The two-day forum will feature leaders from the Indian and global technology industry, C-level executives, AI experts, and analysts. Attendees include Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, India; Mustafa Suleyman, Co-Founder of Inflection AI and DeepMind; Rajesh Nambiar, Chairman & Managing Director of Cognizant India; Sajid Ahmed, Head of Technology at Wells Fargo India & Philippines; Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President of Microsoft; Mohit Joshi, Managing Director & CEO of Tech Mahindra; Andrew Ng, Founder of DeepLearning.AI; Abhishek Singh, Additional Secretary at MeitY; Bernard Marr, Futurist and Thought Leader; Heman Bekele, America's Top Young Scientist 2023; Dr. Athina Kanioura, EVP and Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at PepsiCo; and Nathalie Nahai, Author and Founder of The Web Psychologist Ltd, among others.