Noventiq to Hire 500 Employees in its New Bengaluru Office

Noventiq plans to hire 500 employees in India, unveiling a Bengaluru office. With a focus on data and AI skills, it aims to boost operations and growth.

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Noventiq to Hire 500 Employees

Noventiq, a UK-based IT firm has announced its plans to increase its headcount by approximately 500 individuals in the current fiscal year. The company currently employs around 3000 professionals across the country and aims to reach a total of 3500 within this fiscal period to reinforce its data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in India.


Vinod Nair, President of Noventiq India, emphasized the company's strategic focus on enhancing expertise in data and AI technologies. "We are adding 50 percent additional strengths in these two spaces," Nair stated while underlining Noventiq's commitment to expanding its team and deepening its technological capabilities.

Noventiq has inaugurated a new office in Bengaluru as a part of its expansion strategy. The new facility will serve as a key hub for local and international projects. Initially accommodating 100 employees, the office is expected to be fully operational within the next three months further enhancing its customer operations and IT support.

Herve Tessler, CEO of Noventiq has expressed his pride in the company’s growth trajectory in India. Tessler remarked “India is Noventiq’s geographic Center of Gravity” while highlighting the pivotal role of India operations in the company’s global strategy and acknowledging India’s potential to lead global economic growth by 2028.


Noventiq’s financial performance in India has seen a notable increase with gross revenue increasing to USD 686 million in the financial year 2023 from USD 477 million in 2022. Noventiq has demonstrated significant growth since its inception in the financial year 2014 with a revenue of USD 2 million.  

This expansion strategy of Noventiq emphasizes the fact that the company views India as a key market and is dedicated to leveraging local talent to drive technological innovation globally. 

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