National Technology Day 2024: Insights from Nasscom Foundation, Nokia India, Mediatek and More

In honour of National Technology Day 2024, Dataquest has the pleasure of presenting exclusive remarks and comments from India's top businesses

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National Technology Day 2024

Every year on 11 May, National Technology Day is celebrated to honour the scientists, researchers, engineers, and other individuals who contribute to the nation's technological advancement. Since its inaugural celebration on 11 May 1999, National Technology Day has been a platform to showcase the nation's technical advancements across various industries.


In honour of National Technology Day, DataQuest has the pleasure of presenting exclusive remarks and comments from India's top businesses. These quotes highlight how technology encourages innovation in young people and point them toward founding their firms. This important occasion is a source of inspiration for the upcoming innovators and a celebration of India's outstanding scientific achievements. We learn priceless perspectives on technology's critical role in promoting entrepreneurship, propelling economic progress, and influencing the course of our country through these insights from industry leaders. Explore with us the effects of technology on empowering young people to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and contributing to India's growth and position as a worldwide leader in technology.

National Technology Day: Exclusive

"Technology acts as an equaliser, transforming how we live, work, and connect and is crucial in empowering marginalised and underrepresented communities. In an era of rapid technological advancements, the need for upskilling and reskilling is amplified, especially for the youth. The rise of AI is transforming industries and the nature of work. However, this transformation also brings several challenges, particularly in technology adoption and the skilling gap. The youth in India often need more access to technology and training opportunities. With the advent of AI, it becomes crucial to bridge this skill gap and provide avenues for all youth to participate in the digital economy. At Nasscom Foundation, we are committed to empowering the youth of India with the right skills at the right time and also promoting the use of AI for social good to address critical social challenges and empower communities. Our recent and ongoing collaborations with tech organisations such as Hexart, Adobe etc., testify to this commitment, where the idea is to nurture talent through tech. Our partnership with Adobe in the AI Enablement Program drives AI innovation among startups aiming to solve significant social problems. Focusing on crucial areas such as maternal and child health, education, and cancer diagnostics, the foundation not only boosts technological capabilities by improving AI models and integrating new features but also ensures these innovative solutions effectively reach and benefit the communities in greatest need. Meanwhile, our partnership with Hexagon led to the launch of HexArt in 2020—an educational initiative offering AI, machine learning, and robotics courses to school students and engineering graduates. Now in its fourth cohort, HexArt is committed to cultivating a strong talent pool, particularly among women, aligning with future technology trends and fostering community-level advancement in advanced technology skills." - Nidhi Bhasin, CEO, Nasscom Foundation.


"On this Technology Day, I'm thrilled to witness India's emergence as a global tech leader. With Indian talent now driving innovation at the forefront of major global companies, we're poised for remarkable progress. As AI continues to evolve, it promises a transformative impact on education. Supported by the Indian government's initiatives, tech entrepreneurs set new standards globally. At Leverage, our commitment remains steadfast to revolutionise the journey of global Indians everywhere." - Akshay Chaturvedi, Founder & CEO,

"On National Technology Day, we acknowledge the symbiotic relationship between innovation and fashion. At Libas, technology has been the foundation of our operations. As a D2C e-commerce brand, our reliance on technological infrastructure is paramount, serving as a gateway to unmatched sustainability, efficiency, and creativity. Our commitment to excellence extends across various departments, each intricately entwined with technology-driven processes. From design to virtual retail, we continuously redefine boundaries and embrace cutting-edge methodologies. Today, we celebrate the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of fashion and its enduring influence on our industry's development." said Mr. Sidhant Keshwani, Founder & CEO.

"India's IT industry has emerged as a thriving force, driving the country's GDP, employment opportunities, and overall growth of the economy. We foresee a smarter future in which digital technologies can transform how people do business in an increasingly interconnected world. Organisations must focus on upskilling and reskilling the workforce to develop competencies and tap into significant development opportunities across different sectors. MediaTek is a front-runner in new-age technology such as Generative AI, IoT, ML, 5G FWA, cloud computing, satellite connectivity, automotive, connectivity, and advanced 5G solutions that transform our world into a more intelligent and connected world. At MediaTek, we believe in investing in local talent and scaling skills to create innovation for India and global markets through dedicated technical training sessions, e-learning platforms, and ongoing opportunities for skill development." Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India


"National Technology Day is a celebration of innovation and the contribution of the youth to driving the same. India has already positioned itself as one of the key economies in the world, driven by technological innovation over the last few years. We believe the next decade will be marked by unparalleled technological progress in AI, cloud, and connectivity, presenting new opportunities for India to strengthen its foothold in the global technology landscape. At Nokia, we are actively building a global ecosystem by leveraging our innovation platforms, communities, and physical labs, where we unite partners and technologies to shape tomorrow's digital services and applications. India plays a significant role in this journey." Tarun Chhabra, Country Manager, Nokia India


To sum up, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the pillars of technological advancement that have the power to transform almost every area of our lives completely. The potential of digital technology is becoming more evident as we navigate its complexities. These technologies can revolutionise industries, streamline procedures, and open up fresh opportunities for human achievement. But tremendous power also comes with great responsibility. Thus, we must approach the creation and application of AI and machine learning with an open mind toward its effects on society, the environment, and ethics. Through responsible and appropriate use of these technologies, we may effectively address some of the most critical global issues, promoting advancement and well-being for future generations.