LOGIC Levels Up Distribution: Partnering with Ingram Micro India for Wider Reach

LOGIC, a leader in AV solutions, has partnered with Ingram Micro to distribute its premium AV and display products across India. This collaboration leverages Ingram Micro's extensive network and advanced distribution platform, enhancing LOGIC's reach.

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LOGIC, a leader in AV solutions, has partnered with Ingram Micro

The leading provider of AV solutions in India, LOGIC, has partnered with Ingram Micro on 21 May 2024, one of the leading brands in the market, to distribute its premium AV and Display Solutions products nationwide. LOGIC, a company renowned for producing cutting-edge and inventive products, has been developing and going beyond marketing to meet the demands of the moment without sacrificing quality. The services and goods offered by LOGIC have been expertly created to redefine experiences. To seamlessly integrate your whole visual communication system, they provide a broad choice of display solutions, including LED video walls, interactive displays, digital signage displays, professional displays, kiosks, and AV accessories. The partnership with Ingram Micro represents a significant advancement in LOGIC's seventeen-year history in the audio-visual sector.


After a remarkable sixteen years, LOGIC, a sub-brand of Online Instruments India Pvt. Ltd., has established a standard in the audio-visual sector. As a leader in the field, Logic has meticulously examined every aspect, refined its techniques, and put forth endless effort to produce display solutions and unmatched AV accessories. The brand's history started in India, but its influence has grown worldwide, revolutionizing visual communication and connection.

Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro, well-known for its innovative Ingram Micro XvantageTM distribution platform in India, introduces cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models. This partnership improves LOGIC's distribution opportunities in the film industry by emphasizing effectiveness, growth, and enhanced customer service. By utilizing Ingram Micro's experience and network, LOGIC is now in an ideal position to effectively achieve desired results and deeply into target areas.


The company that powers global brands, Ingram Micro, has access to almost 90% of the worldwide population. Thousands of technological hardware and service options and XaaS solutions are included in our broad portfolio of solutions. We provide reverse logistics, repair, and full-service IT asset disposal as part of our commitment to lessening our environmental effects. With our digital platform, Ingram Micro XvantageTM, we also provide a more sophisticated and efficient method of conducting business in the IT sector. With a global reach of nearly 200 countries, we have roughly 27,000 associates, over 161,000 clients, and 1,500 vendor partners.

This partnership is more than just a distribution agreement.

"Today, we are delighted to announce a landmark partnership with Ingram Micro, marking a significant stride in our brand's journey," Mr. Pankaj Bellad, Business Head, Logic, told DataQuest, expressing his happiness about the partnership. With Ingram Micro on board, we are ready to increase our national presence and offer our cutting-edge products to consumers everywhere. This partnership is more than just a distribution agreement; it's evidence of our common ideals and goal of providing consumers nationwide with convenience and high-quality products. We are excited to explore new ground together, build enduring bonds, and have a good influence on communities all around the nation.

This partnership will set new industry benchmarks.

"As LOGIC continues to expand its boundaries and redefine the AV landscape, the partnership with Ingram Micro reinforces its dedication to providing premier display solutions and AV accessories to customers across the world," Mr. Anurag Singh, Director of Advanced Solutions at Ingram Micro India, told DataQuest, expressing his confidence in the new partnership. They spearhead a revolutionary shift in the AV sector by giving clients unrivaled access to cutting-edge equipment and first-rate support. Furthermore, we are sure that our partnership will set new industry benchmarks and guarantee that clients' ever-changing needs are satisfied in a technologically dynamic environment.