Intertek Unveils iCare Digital Platform for Textile Industry in India

Intertek's iCare, launched in India after success in Türkiye, revolutionizes textile testing with end-to-end traceability and real-time communication

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Intertek has launched its digital platform, iCare, in India. This move comes after the successful rollout of iCare in Türkiye last November and marks a significant step forward for the textile industry in India. iCare is a digital portal designed to streamline and enhance the management and monitoring of testing processes for textile manufacturers. By leveraging Intertek's Science-based Customer Excellence Advantage, iCare addresses longstanding challenges such as transparency and traceability in lab sample processing and testing. 


Sandeep Das, Regional Managing Director South Asia and President of Global Softlines and Hardlines at Intertek, expressed confidence in iCare's ability to revolutionize the industry, stating, "iCare is a cutting-edge digital platform that will help factories have end-to-end traceability of their test samples and build a 24x7 line of communication with Intertek technical experts.” 

This innovation aims to eliminate communication barriers and optimize efficiency in delivering products to market.The textile industry is increasingly under pressure to meet regulatory standards and consumer expectations for quality and sustainability. As a response, iCare provides end-to-end Total Quality Assurance solutions driven by data and systemization, catering to the evolving needs of customers in the fashion and textile sectors.

Manu Gahlowt, Director of Softlines India, emphasized Intertek's commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, stating, "The launch of iCare will make it much easier for our customers in India to manage their day-to-day interactions with Intertek Softlines labs.”


The platform offers real-time information on sample status and progress through an intuitive interface, allowing seamless interaction between customers and Intertek experts via features like chatbots and live chat. With its user-friendly design, iCare empowers customers to submit test requests, track job statuses, and download reports effortlessly, all accessible 24/7.

Shelly Lo, Senior Director of Marketing and Innovation, Global Softlines and Hardlines, highlighted iCare's customer-centric approach, stating, "The platform has been designed with the suppliers' needs at the forefront, setting it apart in the ATIC market.”

iCare will complement Intertek's existing suite of solutions, including Global Market Access, 2Q, Interlink, and ToxClear, offering customers a comprehensive Total Quality Assurance package. The company plans to expand iCare's reach to other textile markets, including Bangladesh and Vietnam, in the near future.By combining advanced technology with scientific expertise, iCare sets a new standard for transparency, efficiency, and ease of use in Quality Assurance solutions. Accessible round-the-clock, iCare promises to streamline communications and improve speed to market, reinforcing Intertek's position as a leader in delivering exceptional customer experiences and high-quality testing services.