Infosys Aster an AI Amplified Marketing Suite

Infosys Aster is transforming marketing with AI-driven insights, immersive experiences, and enhanced efficiency for unparalleled brand engagement and business growth.

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Infosys Aster

Infosys, the tech titan has unveiled Infosys Aster, an advanced AI - amplified marketing suite designed to transform the marketing industry. It is an innovative suite that aims to deliver engaging brand experiences, enhance marketing efficiency, and accelerate business growth through comprehensive services, solutions, and platforms.


What are the key features of Infosys Aster?

Infosys Aster encompasses various services designed for B2C and B2B brands. Some of its key services include:

  • Marketing services and solutions

Infosys Aster™ offers creative services for compelling brand storytelling, technology-enhanced experience design, and digital commerce integration to streamline sales. It leverages advanced MarTech for efficient campaign management, data-driven performance marketing, and centralized, automated operations to reduce time and costs. 

  • AI-Led Transformation

At the core of Infosys Aster is Infosys Topaz, which drives the suite's AI capabilities. These include generative AI content creation, accelerating content development with AI-generated assets; intelligent recommendations, offering real-time suggestions based on customer behavior and campaign performance; and predictive analytics, providing insights into market trends and customer preferences to shape marketing strategies.

  • Enhanced Brand Experiences

It creates lasting customer connections through immersive experiences, leveraging key technologies such as Unreal Engine 3D for realistic visualizations, AR/VR/XR for augmented and virtual reality experiences, and Digital Twin CGI modeling for precise digital replicas of physical assets.

  • Accelerated Business Growth

Infosys Aster drives business growth through AI-driven analytics, offering deep customer insights to enhance decision-making. It integrates MarTech and enterprise systems for seamless collaboration across marketing and sales, generates high-quality leads by personalizing customer outreach, and ensures real-time customer engagement with dynamic content and recommendations to boost repeat purchases and loyalty.


Infosys Aster represents a significant leap in the AI-driven transformation of marketing by combining cutting-edge technologies, creative expertise, and a deep understanding of the marketing domain, Infosys Aster is set to revolutionize how brands engage with customers, enhance efficiency, and drive business growth.