Infor Unveils Tailored GenAI and ESG Reporting Features for Diverse Sectors

Discover Infor's latest innovations with tailored GenAI and ESG reporting features designed to cater to diverse sectors. Explore how these advancements are revolutionizing technology solutions for various industries.

New Update


Infor recently declared the introduction of Infor GenAI and ESG Reporting. These developments aim to boost productivity and simplify environmental reporting for clients. Cutting-edge ERPs and supply chain tools from Infor power vital processes in the public sector, manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare industries. Using GenAI's capabilities in conjunction with customised industry insights, customers can realise value faster by instantaneously accessing optimised data and workflows. Moreover, Infor ensures stringent adherence to security protocols and data privacy standards via its operating system platform.


Industry-Specific Tech Boosts Productivity

In the face of changing market conditions, companies in a variety of industries look to technology to improve productivity and legal compliance. With its special ability to leverage industry-specific data and processes, Infor GenAI can effectively leverage the power of LLMs to significantly increase productivity. Notable instances of automated product attribute assignments in distribution and efficient project management in industrial manufacturing are available, which relieve users of laborious tasks.

“We’re constantly listening to customers’ pain pointsand anticipating opportunities that allow customers to be successful and competitively advantaged,” said Soma Somasundaram, President and Chief Technology Officer at Infor. “When it comes to building solutions that are hyper-productive, our vision is to minimize the time customers spend in applications so that they can maximize their time focusing on their specialized work and creating value. Achieving this requires more than just humans and artificial intelligence working together. It also requires the rightunderstanding of industry subsegments and individual workflows. As a company built around industry specificity, Infor understands the context of how people work so that we can build those best practices into our products to help enhance productivity. Infor GenAI is designedwith this in mind.” 

Simultaneously, Infor ESG Reporting addresses the growing demand for transparent environmental reporting from both internal and external stakeholders. Organisations are able to bring about major change while preserving the transparency, integrity, and consistency of environmental footprint reporting thanks to the platform's extensive data analytics.