IIT Madras Introduces 'Investor Information & Analytics Platform' for Startups

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar launches IIT Madras' Investor Information and Analytics Platform. A one-stop hub for startups to access investors, Govt schemes, and more. Powered by AI for easy navigation.

Punam Singh
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IIT Madras' Investor Information and Analytics Platform

The Union Minister of State for Electronics, IT, and Skill Development, and Jal Shakti Rajeev Chandrasekhar have inaugurated the 'Investor Information and Analytics Platform' developed by  IIT Madras. This platform serves as a centralized hub for startups to access Venture Capitalists (VCs), investor networks, government schemes, and other crucial components of the startup ecosystem.


The platform is designed by the Researchers at the Centre for Research on Start-ups and Risk Financing (CREST) of IIT Madras. This platform offers a comprehensive repository for entrepreneurs who are seeking information on government agencies, incubators, investors, VCs, and banks investing in startups.

It facilitates the development of devices, services, and platforms for India and beyond with a focus on assisting startup founders, entrepreneurs, and young innovators.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar expressed his appreciation for addressing a gap in understanding the vast and diverse startup innovation ecosystem by saying, "Congratulations on launching this platform. I believe you are certainly addressing a gap in our visibility of the innovation ecosystem—how vast, deep, and diversified our startup innovation ecosystem is. I view this as a valuable resource for researchers who will study and utilize it to comprehend the growth within the ecosystem. This understanding can also help public policymakers in crafting responses and initiatives aligned with these dynamics. This holistic approach is crucial for comprehensively researching the innovation ecosystem, particularly to understand that we have created a thriving startup innovation ecosystem in the past 2-3 years. There is much more to come, with the next wave of innovation emerging from areas such as semiconductors, microelectronics, AI, and HPC, among others.”


Further, Prof. Thillai Rajan A highlighted the platform as an exemplary use of academic research expertise contributing to a national cause. He expressed gratitude for the support of IIT Madras and the Government of India by saying," “The translation of innovation to commercial products and services requires the confluence of innovators, mentors, start-up founders, investors, and funding agencies. As India progresses towards a Viksit Bharat on the back of a strong innovation-driven economy, platforms such as these would play an important role in democratizing access to information and capital that can accelerate the commercialization of innovation. The biggest beneficiaries would be the hundreds and thousands of young entrepreneurs who would be able to easily identify the experts, investors, and mentors most appropriate for their ventures.”

“The platform is a fine example of India’s top-ranked academic institution using its research expertise to develop a product that contributes to a national cause. Indian entrepreneurs are known for their frugal innovation. Developing a world-class platform such as this purely through private enterprise would have made this beyond the reach of early-stage entrepreneurs, who have limited resources. I am grateful to the support of IIT Madras and the Government of India for conceptualizing and supporting the Institute of Eminence Scheme because of which the platform has become a reality”, he added.

One of the unique features of this platform is the "StartupGPT', which is an AI-based conversational platform designed to simplify information access. Users visiting the platform can submit their queries in simple language and receive a real-time response.


The Investor Information and Analytics Platform provides information on over 2,00,000 startups, nearly 11,000 angel investors, 5,000 VCs, 1,000 incubators, 100 government agencies funding startups, and 550 banks supporting startup initiatives.

IIT Madras has collaborated with YNOS Venture Engine, which is an incubated startup to develop the platform by utilizing private sector expertise.