IIT Madras Collaborates with VyVoxel to Launch AR/VR Programming Course

IIT Madras Pravartak partners with VyVoxel to launch AR/VR Programming Course, equipping students with essential skills in this dynamic field. Online, 60-hour program with hands-on experience using industry-standard tools.

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IIT Madras AR/VR programming course

The IIT Madras  Pravartak Technologies Foundation has joined forces with VyVoxel International Firm which is an international AR/VR /MR company to offer a comprehensive course on AR/VR Programming. The program aims to equip students with essential skills required in the rapidly advancing field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) by providing them with the expertise needed to progress in this domain.


VyVoxel is headquartered in Santa Clara, USA. It has also a presence in Chennai. The firm specializes in visual computing and application development. Their proficiency spans AR, VR, and MR experiences, 3D graphics, animation, programming, computer vision, and many more. VyVoxel offers expertise in diverse areas including UI/UX design, AI/ML development, web and mobile development, and cloud computing.

The course will be delivered via online mode and will extend to a span of 60 hours. The institution is going to accept applications for its inaugural batch until 31st March 2024. The course will commence on 1st April, and this initiative eliminates any restrictions on student admissions per batch, facilitating widespread participation of students.

“AR and VR as a field is at a tipping point with hardware, software, and technology adoption reaching critical mass. It is imperative now to create talent pools that can service industry needs in the coming years. It is an exciting area growing exponentially with applications in various industries and we are elated to be able to partner with VyVoxel in bringing this course to students”, said Balamurali Shankar, Chief Knowledge Officer at Digital Skills Academy while emphasizing the significance of this collaboration.


The AR and VR market has witnessed significant technological advancements in recent times. Some of the recent developments include the launch of pioneering headsets such as the Meta Quest 3 and the Apple Vision Pro, alongside widespread integration of AR and VR technologies in sectors like automotive, healthcare, retail, architecture, and e-commerce. These technologies also find extensive use in manufacturing, field service, and training divisions, fueling a surge in demand for skilled AR and VR programmers.

This newly introduced course in AR and VR programming rightfully addresses the demand for skilled professionals by providing students with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience using industry-standard tools like Unity 3D, C# programming, Vuforia, and XR Interaction Kit. Students will have an opportunity to learn to design, code, and deploy AR and VR applications across various platforms, including mobile devices and headsets. Furthermore, they can engage in real-world projects to better prepare for industry roles.

The curriculum of the course encompasses fundamental concepts such as 3D modeling, marker-based and markerless AR, VR programming and interaction, and their applications across industries such as healthcare, logistics, retail, e-commerce, architecture, and more.


 The collaboration between IIT Madras Pravartak and VyVoxel marks a significant step forward in fostering talent in the growing field of AR and VR. The course aims to empower students to grow in this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector by imparting practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge.

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