IIT Delhi and R Systems Partner to Set Up a Centre of Excellence on Applied AI

IIT Delhi and R Systems International partners to establish a Centre of Excellence on Applied AI for Sustainable Systems, fostering innovation and deep tech solutions.

Punam Singh
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IIT Delhi and R Systems Center of Excellence (CoE)

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has joined forces with R Systems International Limited, a global leader in digital product engineering and technology solutions to establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE) on Applied AI for Sustainable Systems.

The collaboration between IIT Delhi and R Systems depicts its dedication to advancing in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). This new center of excellence will be encompassed by advanced research labs, the establishment of an endowed faculty chair position, and the initiation of merit-based student scholarships.

One of the primary objectives of this center is to foster innovation, nurture new-age skills, and facilitate the development of deep-tech solutions. As IIT Delhi is an institute renowned for its academic excellence and technological prowess, R Systems aims to promote its research and development capabilities alongside IIT Delhi through this initiative.

The research projects of this CoE are anticipated to drive advancements in sustainable computing and systems while aligning with the global efforts towards building a more environmentally conscious future.

"We are delighted to announce the establishment of the R System CoE at IIT Delhi. Sustainable computing and systems will be critically important in the future. Our collaboration with R Systems will result in the development of innovative approaches and cutting-edge AI techniques for sustainable computing”, said Prof. Rangan Banerjee.  

“The disruptive impact of AI and Generative AI has become a talking point not only in board rooms but at every water cooler conversation as well. Just like every disruptive technology, finding the right use cases to implement AI / GenAI that deliver differentiated ROI, and doing it in a responsible and sustainable manner is where our role becomes important. This collaboration between R Systems and IIT Delhi will facilitate the industry-academia partnership aimed at bridging the gap between theoretical research and practical application of AI solutions”, said Mr. Nitesh Bansal, CEO and Managing Director of R Systems International Limited.

“In an era where Industry-Academia collaboration is at its most exciting phase, we extend our gratitude to R Systems and IIT Delhi for pioneering the integration of Information Technology, CSR, and research. This collaboration signifies a transformative synergy that not only propels technological innovation but also addresses pertinent societal needs. Together, we embark on a journey that transcends traditional boundaries, bringing forth a new paradigm in collaborative excellence,” said Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda, Dean of Corporate Relations, IIT Delhi, expressing gratitude towards R Systems for the integration of information technology, corporate social responsibility, and research.

The establishment of the CoE represents a significant step forward towards harnessing the potential of AI to drive sustainable development and technological innovation. IIT Delhi and R Systems aim to lead the way in leveraging AI for the good of society while accelerating India’s position as a global AI powerhouse with their joint efforts.