IIT Bhilai & TeamLease EdTech Launches Advanced eMasters Programs

IIT Bhilai and TeamLease EdTech partner for master's programs in high-demand fields like EV tech, robotics, and data analytics, empowering professionals for industry leadership.

New Update

IIT Bhilai & TeamLease EdTech

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai, in collaboration with TeamLease EdTech, has announced a significant partnership to introduce three innovative eMasters programs. These programs include 'eMasters in Advanced Electrical Vehicle Systems', 'eMasters in Applied Mechatronics and Robotics', and 'eMasters in Data Science & Data Analytics'. This initiative aims to provide working professionals with the advanced skills necessary to spearhead innovation in these dynamic and rapidly evolving domains.


Delivered through TeamLease EdTech's cutting-edge learning management platform, these two-year programs provide a comprehensive curriculum encompassing the fundamentals of each specialized field. Tailored to align with the current industry requirements, the programs offered by IIT Bhilai and TeamLease EdTech aim to deliver education that is both relevant and transformative. This partnership underscores their commitment to empowering students to thrive in their professional endeavors and drive progress within their respective industries.

In today's swiftly evolving technological realm, there's a noticeable surge in demand for proficient individuals skilled in data science, robotics, mechatronics, and electric vehicle (EV) technology across various sectors. The progressions in artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and electric vehicles are generating abundant opportunities for those possessing advanced technical expertise. Consequently, the employment landscape is broadening, particularly within industries like automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and transportation. These Executive programs, blending Virtual Live lectures, practical hands-on experience, and Industry Projects, aim to equip mid-career professionals with the requisite knowledge and practical exposure to seamlessly transition into these sought-after job roles.

Prof. Dr. Rajiv Prakash, Director of IIT Bhilai shared his vision, "Students entering these programs stand to gain immensely, not only in terms of acquiring advanced knowledge and skills in high-demand areas such as EV technology, robotics, mechatronics, and data analytics but also in enhancing their overall employability. Through this partnership, we intend to provide our learners with a highly immersive learning experience. These online master's programs are mainly targeted toward working professionals and those learners who cannot dedicate full time to undergoing master’s programs and their jobs. Also, eMasters courses include dedicated in-campus modules that offer students physical learning experience in an IIT environment and hands-on laboratory sessions. I believe these courses provide nearly a ‘full-time’ learning experience. Each course perfectly blends theory, practicals, and real-life industrial case studies. Moreover, as these courses cover cutting-edge and emerging technologies, they are delivered by esteemed IIT faculty members and industry experts.”

Shantanu Rooj, Founder & CEO of TeamLease EdTech, stated, " This collaboration is geared towards upskilling seasoned professionals, aiming to refine their competencies in these high-demand fields. These Executive Masters Programs are meticulously designed to bridge existing skill gaps, transforming experienced professionals into industry leaders who are poised to spearhead innovation and contribute decisively to sectors crucial for India's move towards sustainable transport solutions and technological advancements. Our partnership with IIT Bhilai is a milestone event in our efforts towards Making India Employable.”