HPE Introduces New Virtualization Technology for Enhanced Hybrid Cloud Management

By adding its new virtualization technology, HPE becomes the first vendor to offer a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade capabilities and services spanning the hybrid cloud technology stack.

New Update
HPE virtualization technology

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today announced a significant advancement in its hybrid cloud offerings with the introduction of a new virtualization capability for HPE Private Cloud. This innovative technology integrates open-source kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) with HPE’s cutting-edge cluster orchestration software, designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability for enterprise workloads. This move positions HPE as the first vendor to offer a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade capabilities spanning the entire hybrid cloud technology stack.


Breaking the Mold in Hybrid Cloud Management

HPE’s latest virtualization technology addresses a critical challenge faced by enterprises: the need for a unified, platform-based cloud operating model that offers flexibility, control, and freedom from vendor lock-in. “Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of a ‘hybrid by design’ approach,” said Hang Tan, Chief Operating Officer, HPE Hybrid Cloud. “Our expanded hybrid cloud offerings with HPE virtualization capability for HPE Private Cloud ensure that enterprises can achieve their goals without the traditional risks associated with cloud transitions.”

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Data Management


The virtualization clusters, managed through a cloud-based control plane, eliminate the need for dedicated on-premises resources, streamlining operations and reducing costs. HPE’s approach ensures high availability even when disconnected from the cloud, providing robustness and reliability. This fully integrated private cloud solution leverages HPE’s leading compute, networking, and storage capabilities, promising a simple and intuitive management experience. Key features include automated operations, two-click VM provisioning, integrated data protection, and lifecycle management.

High-Performance Storage Integration

Customers will benefit from the integration of HPE Alletra Storage MP, which is optimized for data-intensive workloads and offers efficient data reduction. This platform supports scale-up and scale-out independently, catering to varying workload requirements. Additionally, it extends data replication to the public cloud via its software-defined storage (SDS) capabilities, enhancing data mobility and resilience.


Holistic Hybrid Cloud Solutions

HPE Private Cloud supports a diverse range of workloads, from virtualized to cloud-native and AI applications. It integrates natively with HPE’s hybrid cloud services, such as data protection and cyber resiliency provided by Zerto, and AI-powered IT operations management from OpsRamp. These services are all unified under the HPE GreenLake cloud platform, offering a cohesive management model.

Leading the Hybrid Cloud Market


With this announcement, HPE becomes the first vendor to deliver a full suite of hybrid cloud capabilities, including modular private cloud infrastructure, network virtualization, data mobility, and a complete set of runtimes. This positions HPE as a leader in the market, especially for enterprises seeking to minimize technological and operational risks by partnering with a single vendor.

Cost-Efficiency and Strategic Modernization

HPE promises up to 5x TCO savings through a strategic three-step “hybrid by design” approach:

  1. Optimize: Utilizing HPE Cloud Physics to right-size virtualization footprints and optimize TCO.
  2. Modernize: Accelerating the adoption of cloud-native and AI platforms with HPE’s comprehensive services and capabilities.
  3. Simplify: Leveraging the unified operating experience of the HPE GreenLake cloud platform to manage multiple environments seamlessly.

This groundbreaking virtualization capability, previewed at HPE Discover 2024, is set for release as part of HPE Private Cloud Business Edition in the latter half of 2024. With this innovative technology, HPE continues to push the boundaries of hybrid cloud solutions, setting a new standard for the industry.