Google Cloud and BlinkX Partner to launch Revolutionary 'ClienTech' Framework in Fintech

This partnership aims to tailor financial solutions to the unique needs of Indian customers, utilizing advanced algorithms, LLMs, and personalized data analytics.

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In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the financial technology landscape, Google Cloud and the new digital broker brand BlinkX, introduced by JM Financial, have announced a strategic collaboration. This partnership heralds the dawn of the 'ClienTech' era—a pioneering approach that prioritizes the client at the core of financial innovation through unmatched personalization and customer insight.


The collaboration fuses Google Cloud’s advanced data analytics and cloud operations with BlinkX’s progressive financial services and technological expertise. Together, they aim to establish a new standard in the fintech sector by leveraging sophisticated algorithms, Large Language Models (LLMs), and personalized data analytics to cater specifically to the diverse and complex needs of Indian customers.

Gagan Singla, Managing Director at BlinkX, emphasized the initiative's transformative potential: "By harnessing Google's state-of-the-art technology, we aim to break down traditional financial barriers and create a more inclusive, personalized, and empowering financial ecosystem for our clients. Our goal is to become the country’s first no-glitch trading app, available 24/7, with an adaptive platform for all investment types. Central to our ClienTech philosophy are our innovation pillars—Servicing, Pricing, Algorithms, and Research (S.P.A.R). We've made significant investments in these areas to deliver the best for our customers, and with Google Cloud’s partnership, we are excited to elevate our rigor even further.”

Singla continued, “Empowering our customers and staying relevant to their needs are our primary inspirations. At the heart of our ecosystem, we've integrated a Named Entity Recognition (NER) model utilizing the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing, and a Hyper-Personalized Nudge Engine. This engine creates a sophisticated array of nudges to help customers strategize their next moves based on their transactional behavior. We will continue to explore innovative avenues with Google Cloud to enhance these technologies.”

Bikram Singh Bedi, VP & Country Manager, Google Cloud India, added, "Our collaboration with BlinkX is a testament to technological innovation and a commitment to understanding and serving each customer's unique needs. This partnership will not only help BlinkX set new standards in fintech but also pioneer a novel approach to customer engagement. The implications for the financial industry are significant, setting a new benchmark for how financial services are delivered and experienced. By prioritizing client-centric innovation and leveraging the latest technological advancements, BlinkX is not just anticipating the future of fintech; they are shaping it.”

BlinkX and Google Cloud are dedicated to redefining the customer experience and simplifying investing for Indians. In doing so, they aim to establish a truly tech-driven, versatile platform capable of meeting robust financial needs.