GNANI.AI Unveils India's Inaugural Private Voice-First Small Language Model

GNANI.AI introduces Voice-First SLM, revolutionizing AI for Indian businesses. With extensive training in proprietary audio data, it targets key sectors, offering advanced language comprehension capabilities.

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Artificial Intelligence

GNANI.AI, an innovative leader in AI solutions, proudly presents a revolutionary advancement designed specifically for Indian businesses – Voice-First SLM (Small Language Models). These state-of-the-art SLMs undergo extensive training on vast repositories of proprietary audio data, encompassing billions of conversations in Indic languages and millions of audio hours. This comprehensive training captures the diverse range of dialects, accents, and linguistic subtleties found throughout the country. With a targeted approach towards major industry sectors, GNANI.AI strives to inaugurate the era of GEN AI, equipping enterprises with advanced language comprehension capabilities.


GNANI.AI's initial release of SLM focuses on critical sectors including banking, insurance, automotive, and retail. Drawing from their extensive experience and deep understanding gained from serving over 200 prestigious clients, GNANI.AI's generative AI platform has already gained significant traction within the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector in India.

Ganesh Gopalan, CEO, and Co-founder of GNANI.AI, emphasized the company's strategic advantage, stating, "GNANI.AI is ideally positioned as the premier partner for SLM, boasting millions of audio hours of proprietary audio datasets. ‘s  200+ top-tier customers in India, including major banks, insurance firms, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) providers, MFIs (Microfinance Institutions), and automotive giants will start leveraging highly accurate, low latency, efficient SLM deployments for impactful use cases."

Ananth Nagaraj, CTO, and Co-founder of GNANI.AI, highlighted the distinctive features of their SLM compared to existing solutions. "While several companies have recently announced fine-tuned versions of open-sourced LLM models for Indian languages, they often grapple with effectiveness, lack of multimodal capabilities, high inferencing costs, and privacy concerns. GNANI.AI's SLM models address these challenges head-on, prioritizing performance, security, privacy, and deployability on edge computing environments and private infrastructure."

GNANI.AI stands out as a pioneering force in the Indian AI scene, driven by a dedication to innovation and a steadfast commitment to delivering solutions that add tangible value. With the introduction of Voice-First SLM customized for Indian languages, GNANI.AI is positioned to transform the way businesses leverage AI to achieve their objectives across varied linguistic landscapes, all while maintaining stringent standards of security and privacy.