Gemini AI in Gmail: Enhancing Email Communication with AI

Google integrates Gemini AI in Gmail for Android, offering AI-generated reply suggestions. Users with Google One Premium AI plans can streamline email composition.

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Google Gemini AI in Gmail

Google is reportedly testing the integration of  Gemini AI in the Gmail app for Android. According to a recent report by Android Central, Google is exploring a new feature for the Gmail Android app that would enable users to utilize AI-generated responses for their emails.


Gemini AI, an AI chatbot powered by Google is already making a mark through its implementation across various Google services such as Google Drive and Google Docs. It is accessible through the Google One AI Premium subscription and now it appears that Google is now extending its AI capabilities to the mobile application realm.

Currently, this AI-generated reply feature is exclusively available to Google One AI Premium subscribers enrolled in its beta version. This feature allows users to receive suggestions for crafting email responses.

How to use Gemini AI in Gmail?


Here, is a step-by-step guide on how you can utilize Gemini AI features within Gmail to compose and refine emails:

  • Sign into Gmail using a Google One Premium AI plan account.
  • Click " Compose " in the top-left corner of the Gmail interface to start drafting a new email.
  • In the new composition window, look for the "Help me Write" option, represented by a pencil icon. Click on it to activate Gemini AI.
  • After clicking "Help me Write" a text box will appear where you can enter a prompt or a request for Gemini to assist you in drafting the email.
  • After entering your prompt, press the "Enter" key or click the "Create" button.
  • Once the draft is generated, review it to ensure it meets your requirements, or click on the "Recreate" button to generate another variant.
  • Once you're satisfied with the draft, click on the "Insert" button located at the lower right corner of the window. This will insert the drafted email in the email body.
  • Review and send the email by clicking on the "Send" button.



The integration of Gemini AI in Gmail represents a significant move forward in email communication. This generative AI feature streamlines the process of composing the users' email replies. Users can benefit from quick, context-aware suggestions, save time, and ensure consistency with it. 

As Google continues to refine and expand its AI features, it is expected that users may see more innovations that enhance their digital presence.

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