Exotel Unveils step towards Autonomous Contact Centers

New Update

Enage X 2024

Exotel, a leading company in customer communications, unveiled a groundbreaking advancement: multilingual autonomous contact centers during Enage X 2024 - Exotel's Foundation Day. This innovative development parallels the sophistication and widespread acceptance of autonomous vehicles, delivering connected and seamless customer experiences.


Similar to autonomous vehicles that manage all aspects of driving with minimal human involvement, Exotel's autonomous contact centers leverage advanced AI to elevate customer experiences. Exotel's AI agents, known as Agenoids, can function independently, ensuring that every customer interaction is personalized and contextual.

Shivakumar Ganesan, Co-founder and CEO of Exotel, shared, "Our autonomous contact centers represent a significant milestone. We believe that autonomous contact centers are capable of so much more with minimal human intervention, we aim to make every interaction personalized and empathetic. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also sets new industry standards."

The development of these autonomous contact centers is structured in three strategic stages:

  • Agent Assisted Contact Center (AAC): Enhancing agent capabilities with real-time data analytics, sentiment analysis, and comprehensive quality metrics monitoring.

  • Agent Monitored Contact Center (AMC): Overseeing operations of multiple Agenoids to ensure high-quality, omnichannel interactions.

  • Autonomous Contact Center (ACC): Enabling Agenoids to handle customer interactions independently, scaled to global needs yet under expert supervision.

Anil Kumar, CTO of Exotel, emphasized the integration and efficiency of the new system. He said, "Integrating data from various communication channels, our autonomous contact centers mirror autonomous cars. Just like the vehicles ensure uninterrupted rides delivering a great experience to the passengers, autonomous contact centers will ensure contextual, relevant, and personalized interactions with minimal human dependency.."

EngageX 2024 showcased practical demonstrations of Exotel’s new capabilities, highlighting the technology's readiness for widespread implementation. Industry leaders from companies like Google, Microsoft, Zerodha, Uber, and redBus, among others, attended the event and experienced firsthand how Exotel is setting new standards in customer service technology.