Deloitte India and SAP India team up to drive Enterprise Innovation

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Deloitte India and SAP India team up to drive enterprise innovation .png

Deloitte India and SAP have forged a strategic OEM agreement targeting enterprise clients. This collaboration empowers customers to digitally revolutionize their business processes using Deloitte's solutions while leveraging the impact of SAP's BTP platform. SAP BTP, a cutting-edge Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, amalgamates data and analytics, artificial intelligence, low-code/no-code app development, automation, and integration into a cohesive environment.


Deloitte India strategically expands its SAP Business Technology Platform® (SAP BTP) practice to develop and implement automation and Generative AI solutions for clients. The collaboration with SAP aims to offer customers significant benefits, including accelerated time to market and seamless access to cutting-edge cloud-based technologies like generative AI, business AI, machine learning, and automation. Additionally, it facilitates enterprise clients' innovation by enabling them to extend and integrate new applications and systems on SAP BTP, moving away from complex customizations traditionally seen in ERP core systems. This "Clean Core" strategy ensures a modular, fit-to-purpose application approach, keeping the ERP core system uncluttered while unlocking flexible capabilities for rapid innovation and business transformations.

In response to the growing complexity of businesses, there's an urgent demand for the swift implementation of innovative solutions. In the past few years, Deloitte India has constructed numerous industry solutions and assets, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to expedite its clients' digital transformation endeavors. These solutions, which are highly scalable and adaptable, target key gaps in industry processes, sustainability, and technical migration.

 “We are thrilled to join forces with SAP India to unlock the full potential of SAP BTP for our clients. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide solutions that drive innovation and contribute to the broader goals of sustainability and responsible business practices. Deloitte India's expertise in sustainability combined with SAP technology can create value for our clients and help differentiate us in the marketplace," said Anand Rajagopalan, Partner, Deloitte India, commenting on the collaboration.

“We look forward to working with Deloitte India, uniting our strengths to foster intelligent, digital innovation through SAP BTP,” said Nitish Agrawal, Chief Partner Officer, SAP Indian Subcontinent.

“This collaboration signifies a shared dedication to co-creating value and delivering transformative outcomes for our customers and the broader ecosystem. We look forward to fueling the next wave of tech-led innovations together,” further he added.