Commvault Acquires Appranix to Accelerate Cyber Resilience for Enterprises

Commvault acquires Appranix, and this acquisition enables Commvault to solve a critical cyber resilience challenge facing enterprises today – rapidly rebuilding cloud applications after an outage or attack.

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Commvault Acquires Appranix

Commvault, a prominent supplier of data protection solutions for hybrid cloud environments, has announced the acquisition of Appranix, a company specializing in cloud cyber resilience. This strategic move aims to assist enterprises in recovering swiftly following cyberattacks or outages.


As per Statista, ransomware attacks typically result in an average downtime of 24 days. Commvault aims to minimize downtime for its customers by swiftly recovering data through automation and advanced cleanroom solutions. However, rapid data recovery is just one aspect of the solution.

Rebuilding critical cloud applications involves dependencies such as networking, DNS configuration, application load balancing, and security group access. Appranix automates these processes, significantly reducing rebuild time from days or weeks to mere hours or minutes in certain instances.

“We are taking resilience to the next level by marrying Commvault’s extensive risk, readiness, and recovery capabilities with Appranix’s next-generation cloud-native rebuild capabilities,” said Sanjay Mirchandani, President & CEO, of Commvault. “We are delighted to welcome Appranix to the Commvault family.”


“Joining the Commvault family is a thrilling and natural next step for Appranix as we jointly change the market. We share a common vision to go beyond traditional backups and disaster recovery. Our combined technologies will offer comprehensive, unmatched resilience capabilities for businesses globally”, said Govind Rangasamy, Appranix Founder and CEO. 

“Complete cyber resilience is an aspirational goal for most enterprise customers. This acquisition makes cyber resilience-at-speed a reality by extending automated rebuild capabilities to distributed and dynamic cloud applications,” said Archana Venkatraman, Research Director, Cloud Ops and Cloud Data Management, IDC. 

The Appranix team will soon become part of Commvault, with the integration of Appranix's technology into Commvault's portfolio slated for completion by this summer. Meanwhile, customers can utilize Appranix for cloud application discovery and rebuild needs through the AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure marketplaces.