CBSE Warns Against 30 Fake Social Media Accounts Ahead of Board Exams

CBSE issues warning against 30 fake social media handles spreading misinformation ahead of board exams. Students are urged to follow only @cbseindia29 for updates.

Punam Singh
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CBSE Fake Accounts

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken a decisive step against nearly 30 fake social media handles that have been spreading misinformation under the guise of CBSE’s identity. As the board exams of class 10 and class 12 approach on 15th February, the board has heightened its level of vigilance to ensure that the students and the public receive accurate information.


In its recent official notification, CBSE highlighted the existence of its only legitimate Twitter account representing the board. The account is named as @cbseindia29'. However, the proliferation of nearly 30 fraudulent accounts, disguised as CBSE has compelled the organization to take swift action against it.

CBSE has flagged several accounts as fraud which are engaged in spreading misleading information. Some of these accounts are

  • @Cbse_official
  • @cbseboard
  • @CBSEupdates
  • @CBSE_HQ
  • @CbseExam
  • @cbsecancelexams
  • @cbse_guide
  • @cbse_nic_in, etc.

"It is hereby informed that appropriate action is being initiated against these Social Media Handles. The public is hereby cautioned and advised to follow only the official X handle of CBSE, which is @cbseindia29 for verified and authentic information pertaining to CBSE," the board wrote in its official notification.

In addition to addressing the issue of fake social media handles CBSE has also announced significant changes in its policy for this year’s board exams. The board has decided not to assign overall divisions, distinctions, or aggregates to the students. This means that the board has decided to move from the traditional grading system and adapt to evolving educational standards.

This proactive measure by CBSE serves as a safeguard against the spread of false information especially during the period of board examinations. Here, students and stakeholders are urged to rely solely on the verified handle of CBSE for updates and announcements related to the exams.

CBSE has been taking firm stands against misinformation and working forward to maintain communication and safeguard the interests of students and citizens.