Bureau launches ‘Money Mule Score’ to combat rising identity theft in the BFSI sector

'Money Mule Score' is an innovative solution enabling financial institutions to detect potential money mules during user onboarding, enhancing fraud prevention efforts.

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Bureau, a no-code fraud and identity decisioning platform, has introduced the 'Money Mule Score,' an advanced solution designed to empower financial institutions, NBFCs, and fintech firms in proactively identifying potential money mules during user onboarding. This innovative solution offers a comprehensive risk assessment beyond traditional KYC processes, safeguarding businesses and customers from fraudulent activities. As per NASDAQ’s Global Financial Crime Report 2024, money mule activity ranks as a significant concern among anti-financial crime professionals, highlighting the urgency to address this threat. Traditional KYC-AML processes are proving inadequate against this dynamic threat landscape.


The Money Mule Score leverages Bureau's proprietary Link Analysis, utilizing advanced machine learning and analytics to evaluate users' risk indicators comprehensively. It incorporates Bureau's expertise in email, phone, social media, and device intelligence, analyzing user legitimacy through device fingerprints, behavioral patterns, and historical data to flag potential high-risk users during onboarding seamlessly.

Ranjan R Reddy, Founder & CEO of Bureau, emphasizes the importance of combating fraud in India's digital landscape, citing the Money Mule Score's ability to identify potential mule accounts in real-time and prevent fraudulent activity. Bureau's partnership with a leading Indian bank has demonstrated significant success, with a 60% uplift in money mule detection compared to the bank's existing KYC process, preventing potential fraud losses exceeding $43 million within six months.

The official launch of the Money Mule Score marks a significant milestone in combating cyber fraud, offering a proactive approach to ensure safe and secure financial access. Financial service providers are encouraged to explore the capabilities of Money Mule Score through a demo, underscoring Bureau's commitment to bolstering fraud prevention strategies.