AVEVA launches Industrial Intelligence Platform CONNECT

CONNECT unlocks new levels of innovation, growth, and sustainability for enterprises, while sparking the next wave of industrial digital transformation. New open and neutral industrial intelligence cloud platform eliminates geographic silos and fosters digital agility across ecosystems of applications and partners.

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Image Courtesy-Aveva LinkedIn Post

In an announcement during Hannover Messe, AVEVA, industrial software company, has launched CONNECT, the world's foremost industrial intelligence platform. This cutting-edge platform heralds a new era of innovation, growth, and sustainability for enterprises worldwide, catalyzing the next wave of industrial digital transformation.


CONNECT breaks down geographic silos, fostering digital agility across diverse ecosystems of applications and partners. By providing trusted and actionable insights, it empowers decision-makers across various sectors with a deeper understanding of their businesses. Leveraging an intelligent digital twin, CONNECT unifies insights across industrial ecosystems, driving performance, efficiency, and sustainability for enhanced return on investment.

CONNECT seamlessly integrates applications from leading providers like Schneider Electric, RIB, ETAP, and others. As an open and neutral digital platform, it offers a comprehensive suite of services spanning the entire industrial lifecycle in real-time. These include native data services, visualization, analytics, application development, and usage management.

Built on Microsoft Azure, CONNECT delivers scalable capabilities, unlocking unprecedented levels of sustainability and efficiency for industries. Caspar Herzberg, CEO of AVEVA, emphasized CONNECT's role in the connected industrial economy, empowering teams with holistic insights and driving real-time innovation.


By harnessing AI and analytics, CONNECT accelerates the next phase of industrial digital transformation, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability across the value chain. It enables companies to create custom industrial ecosystems, maximizing technology investments and fostering game-changing innovation.

According to IDC's 2023 Future of Industry Ecosystems survey, CONNECT addresses the evolving needs of industrial enterprises, facilitating enhanced collaboration and data-driven decision-making. Real-world applications demonstrate its impact, such as ZGlobal's use of cloud-based data-sharing solutions to reduce emissions and drive the clean energy transition.

With tens of thousands of active users monthly, CONNECT's ecosystem continues to expand, forging new partnerships and paving the way for an industrial applications marketplace. Collaborations like AVEVA and Microsoft's integration of production execution and supply chain planning data further exemplify CONNECT's transformative potential.

Matt Kerner, CVP of Microsoft Cloud, highlighted CONNECT's role in bridging operational technology and information technology, enabling real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and cloud scalability.

AVEVA's commitment to driving responsible resource usage underscores its mission to support customers in delivering life's essentials. With a global presence and a dedicated team of experts, AVEVA continues to lead the way in industrial innovation, empowering businesses to engineer efficiently, optimize operations, and drive growth and sustainability.