AVEVA and Microsoft Unveil Industrial AI Assistant at Hannover Messe

This virtual expert aims to revolutionize industrial operations by providing rapid and accurate responses to complex inquiries.

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AVEVA announced a strengthened collaboration with Microsoft, showcasing their industrial AI assistant at Hannover Messe. Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, AVEVA’s AI assistant serves as a virtual subject matter expert, heralding the advent of Industry 5.0. This innovative tool allows industrial organizations to quickly and accurately respond to complex inquiries in critical environments.


By simplifying the extraction of insights from diverse data sets, the AI assistant delivers answers to intricate, multi-stage questions almost instantaneously. Through an intuitive interface, industrial teams can leverage large language models (LLM) and generative AI, benefiting from AVEVA’s extensive experience in industrial software and analytics. The solution ensures high security and trust, utilizing strict engineering prompts and cross-critique methodologies to deliver robust and transparent answers, with references and citations. Proprietary data remains secure, with no blending with LLM or third-party sources.

Rob McGreevy, Chief Product Officer at AVEVA, stated: “Designing AI for industrial settings carries a significant responsibility to ensure safe, secure, and sustainable processes and outcomes. Our industrial AI assistant integrates domain-specific expertise with top-tier security, enabling customers to confidently analyze their information in real-time. This is scalable through our CONNECT intelligence platform in collaboration with Microsoft.”

Together, AVEVA and Microsoft are driving the advancement of industrial intelligence, allowing customers to harness innovative technology for greater agility, resilience, and environmental sustainability. AVEVA is pioneering interoperability with Microsoft Fabric and CONNECT (formerly AVEVA Connect), reinforcing their co-innovation efforts with Microsoft.

Jim Chappell, Head of AI & Advanced Analytics at AVEVA, explained: “By combining LLM, generative AI, and our proprietary AI technology, we help customers analyze data, identify issues, and solve problems. Users can ask our AI assistant natural language questions or make complex, multi-step requests effortlessly.”

Matt Kerner, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, added: “Integrating Microsoft Azure’s AI and cloud capabilities with AVEVA’s industrial AI expertise can revolutionize large-scale industry operations. The intuitive AI assistant interface facilitates access to insights, optimizing performance for operators and executives alike.”