Apple Layoffs Over 600 Employees Due to Cancellation of Apple Car Project

Apple layoffs impact over 600 employees in California. Cancellation of Apple Car project prompts strategic shift, affecting Micro-LED display development and Siri operations.

Punam Singh
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Apple Layoffs over 600 employees

Apple, the tech giant has confirmed plans to lay off more than 600 employees in California. The decision came across amidst Apple's recent announcement to halt the development of its highly anticipated Apple Car project. This significant move signals a strategic shift in the company's priorities while impacting its workforce.


The employees affected by this decision are primarily based in Santa Clara near Apple's Cupertino headquarters. They were involved in various aspects of the Apple Car project but with the project's termination Apple has initiated the process of downsizing its workforce associated with it.

Furthermore, the layoffs also extend to employees who are working on the development of in-house Micro-LED displays. Apple is considering discontinuing the project due to reports of challenges in producing these displays at scale, which will result in additional job cuts. 

Additionally, the restructuring efforts encompass closing the Siri data operations office in San Diego, affecting more than 120 employees. While Apple is typically trying to reallocate affected employees to other departments, the sheer scale of layoffs reflects the challenges in finding suitable roles for all individuals. 


It is speculated that despite offering positions in areas such as artificial intelligence and others, not all employees from the terminated projects may secure alternative placements within the company.

The announcement depicts Apple's ongoing strategic reassessment practices as it navigates through the evolving market dynamics and technological challenges. The decision to discontinue projects like the Apple Car and in-house Micro-LED displays has affected several individuals. As the affected employees undergo a transition with Apple's efforts to adjust their project portfolios, the tech industry will keenly follow how these strategic shifts will influence Apple's future trajectory.

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