Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky Quits

Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS, is stepping down on June 3, 2024. Adam is to be succeeded by Matt Garman, the current SVP of Sales and Marketing.

Punam Singh
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Adam N. Sekipsky, CEO, Amazon Web Services

Adam Selipsky, the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is stepping down from his current position on 3rd June 2024. Adam will be replaced by Matt Garman the current senior vice president of sales and marketing at AWS after he exits.


The company announced on Tuesday that Adam Selipsky is departing. AWS shared a memo with its employees, which included a message from Adam saying, “Leading this amazing team and the AWS business is a big job, and I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished going from a start-up to where we are today. In the back of my head, I thought there might be another chapter down the road at some point, but I never wanted to distract myself from what we are all working so hard to achieve. Given the state of the business and the leadership team, now is an appropriate moment for me to make this transition, and to take the opportunity to spend more time with family for a while, recharge a bit, and create some mental free space to reflect and consider the possibilities.”

Background of Adam Selipsky

Adam Selipsky worked for around 14 years with AWS, bringing in his diverse background with extensive experience in the technology landscape. Selipsky initially joined the company in 2005 and had a crucial role in leading sales, marketing, and support which contributed to the growth of AWS from a startup to a broadly adopted cloud service provider.


Apart from his professional role at AWS, Selipsky is actively involved in various leadership positions. He serves as the chair of the World Economic Forum Information. Technology, and Communications governors community and is a member of the Harvard Business School Dean’s Advisory Board.

Background of Matt Garman: New Upcoming CEO of AWS

Matt Garman has been announced as the incoming CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has been with the company for the past 17 years. Garman formerly joined Amazon as an intern back in 2005. Over the years, he has held various key roles within AWS and has built a deep understanding of the business and its operations. He has also served as the general manager of all AWS Compute services and, more recently, transitioned to the demand generation side of AWS to lead worldwide Sales, Marketing, Support, and Professional Services.

Garman’s experience includes leading teams behind prominent AWS services like EC2 and EBS. He has been playing a key role in defining new features, creating pricing plans, and shaping the initial development of AWS services.