Adobe SUMMIT: Adobe Unveils latest innovation in the Generative AI space

Adobe introduces a range of innovations at the Summit, including generative AI advancements, enhanced customer journey orchestration, and new Firefly capabilities.

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Adobe Summit

During the Adobe Summit, Adobe introduced a range of innovations tailored for enterprises. These advancements enable brands to implement personalized experiences on a large scale using generative AI and real-time insights. As a leading provider of Digital Experience Platforms and a trusted partner, Adobe continues to enhance Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions. These solutions integrate data, content, and customer journeys to create exceptional experiences and foster long-term customer loyalty. In the age of generative AI, Adobe offers guidance to brands seeking to leverage AI for personalized customer experiences, unlocking significant opportunities for growth.


Significant advancements across Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud will leverage generative AI to drive insights from unified customer data, streamline the production of personalized content, and enhance customer engagement through journey orchestration. This includes the introduction of an upcoming Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant, designed to enhance the efficiency of experienced practitioners. This tool democratizes access to extended teams through a conversational interface, empowering them to innovate freely. Additionally, Adobe GenStudio, a new generative AI-first offering, enables marketing teams to efficiently plan, create, manage, activate, and measure on-brand content. Adobe has also introduced Journey Optimizer capabilities, catering to both B2C and B2B brands, facilitating the enhancement of journey orchestration with personalized experiences. A new feature in Adobe Firefly, known as Structure Reference, provides users with enhanced creative control, further advancing Adobe's suite of creative generative AI models for safe commercial use.

Adobe Experience Cloud stands as the foremost platform for delivering, measuring, and personalizing customer experiences. It is currently trusted by 11,000 customers worldwide spanning various industries. This platform receives support from 4,500 global ecosystem members and boasts over 500 partner integrations in the Adobe Experience Platform. This platform unifies an organization's data and content under a common language model, facilitating seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences.

“World over, businesses are prioritizing their digital investments to improve marketing agility and customer engagement, while driving growth and profitability. Adobe products are playing an essential role in driving the digital economy, and today at SUMMIT, we’re excited to be joined by our customers and partners from India, as we showcase our next-in-line innovations that will pave the way for customer experiences of the future.” Prativa Mohapatra, Vice President & Managing Director, Adobe India.


“Generative AI enables a fundamental shift in the relationship between brands and their customers, creating a transformative moment for business leaders to drive profitable growth while delivering new digital experiences. The ability to personalize every interaction has become the key growth driver in Customer Experience Management for enterprises around the world, and Adobe is leading the way in making this a reality with powerful generative AI deeply integrated into existing workflows”, said Anil Chakravarthy, president, Digital Experience Business at Adobe.  

“Creating richer and more relevant experiences within a connected customer journey is fundamental to success in today’s marketing climate and Adobe Experience Cloud has been our partner of choice in Customer Experience Management. Adobe’s enterprise applications allow our teams to deliver real-time, highly personalized touchpoints at scale for customers engaging with our brands”, said Norm de Greve, chief marketing officer, of General Motors.

New Data Innovations


 Adobe’s latest product releases help brands with data management in the age of generative AI, creating a foundation to activate insights and deliver true personalization at scale. This is anchored in Adobe Experience Platform, which enables brands to activate customer data across various enterprise systems through an integrated set of applications.

  •  Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant provides a simple conversational interface that can answer technical questions and will automate tasks, simulate outcomes, and generate audiences and journeys within applications such as Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics.
  •          Federated Audience Composition provides data management flexibility and efficiency by allowing teams to federate audiences and data directly from enterprise data warehouses and data platforms (Amazon Web Services Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake) to augment real-time and cross-channel use cases in Adobe Experience Platform. This enables teams to minimize data copy, govern the use of sensitive data, and get the most out of their existing IT investments for powering customer experience workflows such as profile enrichment, audience segmentation, and personalized communications.
  •         Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) Collaboration is a new clean room application for brands and publishers to collaborate in a privacy-safe way to discover, reach, and measure their high-value audiences in a world without third-party cookies. Real-time CDP Collaboration is expanding and evolving the value of a CDP to include data collaboration as a critical and necessary component of customer data management in a cookieless world.

New Content Innovations


 Adobe provides an integrated set of best-in-class products that enable brands to accelerate their content supply chain, the end-to-end business process that every company needs to deliver content required for marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences. It is composed of five key building blocks: Workflow and Planning, Creation and Production, Asset Management, Delivery and Activation, and Insights and Reporting. With Adobe GenStudio, Adobe will be releasing a generative AI-first offering for marketers to quickly plan, create, manage, activate, and measure on-brand content, with native integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud. 

  •        Workflow and Planning: Adobe Workfront Planning will provide every user a unified view into all activities across the marketing lifecycle, to ensure organizations plan strategically and accelerate delivery.
  •         Creation and Production: Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models unlock personalization at scale for enterprise content creation and production, eliminating manual tasks while ensuring generated outputs remain on-brand.
  •         Asset Management: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets content hub allows teams to easily distribute brand-governed assets across their organization and external partners. Content hub forms a seamless connection point between GenStudio and AEM Assets, where any user can search for an asset and create personalized variations with Firefly in Adobe Express, the all-in-one content creation application.
  •         Delivery and Activation: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites variant generation, powered by generative AI, enables brands to create personalized variations of marketing assets with copy that is audience-centric and on-brand. With Edge Delivery Services, brands can deliver the fastest possible page load times. Document-based authoring in AEM Sites also allows the broader team to author webpages in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  •         Insights & Reporting: Adobe Content Analytics will create an essential feedback loop for brands to understand which assets (including AI-generated assets) and campaigns are performing best, down to the attribute level. These insights help build a more complete view of the overall customer experience, building on top of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics which measures web, streaming, in-product, and more.

 New Customer Journey Innovations


 For both B2C and B2B brands, the ability to enhance customer engagement through journey orchestration hinges on a unified and real-time view of the customer. This ensures that as brands interact with consumers on channels such as the web, social media, and mobile, and real-time changes in user behavior or preferences are captured, triggering new experiences. Adobe is uniquely positioned to help teams harmonize both brand-initiated and customer-initiated moments, with new offerings to orchestrate personalized journeys that drive impact. 

  •        Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Journey Optimizer unified experimentation uses enhanced statistical models to help marketers, product managers, and developers leverage experimentation and decisioning capabilities within journeys, driving the reuse of offers across communication channels or optimizing the ideal path a customer should take to maximize conversion.
  •        Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) provides enhanced brand-initiated journey orchestration by helping brands connect their audience-centric campaigns with real-time customer signals so that the right customers are engaged and mistimed marketing communications can be avoided.
  •         AJO B2B Edition is a new application built on the Adobe Experience Platform, with a unique focus on account-specific buying-group journey orchestration that will reimagine sales and marketing collaboration throughout the B2B revenue lifecycle. 

New Firefly Capabilities


 Adobe introduces a significant update to the Adobe Firefly web application (available on both web and mobile platforms), enhancing users' creative capabilities. The new feature, Structure Reference, allows users to effortlessly apply the structure of an existing image to newly generated images. By utilizing an existing image as a structural reference template, users can generate multiple image variations with consistent layouts, eliminating the need for trial and error in crafting the perfect prompt to match their creative vision. When combined with Adobe's Style Reference, an existing Firefly feature that applies style reference images to prompts, users can now reference both structure and style to swiftly realize their ideas, achieving a heightened level of creative control and cutting-edge visual quality.

Partner and Customer Momentum

Adobe is further expanding its strong partner ecosystem and enhancing the value of Adobe Experience Cloud. Today, Adobe announced an extended partnership with Microsoft to provide marketers with powerful generative AI capabilities. These capabilities integrate Adobe Experience Cloud customer experience insights and Firefly generative AI directly into Microsoft applications, revolutionizing workflows and boosting productivity. Additionally, Adobe has broadened its partnership with OneTrust to incorporate consent management into AI-powered customer journeys. Collaboration with agency partners such as Havas, IPG, Omnicom, Publicis, and WPP, as well as system integrators including Accenture, Deloitte, EY, and IBM, aims to accelerate generative AI investments, processes, and workflows across creative production and digital marketing.

Adobe Summit 2024 is a hybrid event featuring both in-person and online presentations powered by Adobe Experience Cloud. Notable speakers and industry leaders presenting at Summit include General Motors CEO Mary Barra, Pfizer Chief Digital and Technology Officer Lidia Fonseca, Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian, TSB Bank CMO Emma Springham, MLB Chief Operations and Strategy Officer Chris Marinak, founder and CEO of Zaia Ventures Ukonwa Ojo, author and entrepreneur Nina Schick, and Shaquille O’Neal, who hosts Adobe Sneaks, where the latest research and development innovations from Adobe are unveiled.