New Release of F-Secure’s Flagship Business Service Champions Holistic Cyber Security

New Update

F-Secure is announcing a major new release of its flagship endpoint security solution, Protection Service for Business, as part of its holistic new approach to cyber security. The release includes new web security features plus a redesigned management portal that’s much more efficient for administrators. Protection Service for Business is the only solution on the market with centrally managed computer, mobile and server security with integrated patch management and mobile device management.


Crypto-ransomware that encrypts data and locks systems increased significantly in 2015, according to F-Secure’s latest Threat Report, and is prominent this year in hacks of hospitals and other organizations. Cyber security incidents in general are grabbing headlines daily, affecting small business to major corporations. In 2015, businesses experienced 38% more security incidents than in 2014, and theft of hard intellectual property increased 56%.* The endpoint is the easiest place for attackers to penetrate a business network, making it imperative that businesses use best-in-class endpoint security as part of their overall security strategy.

The new Protection Service for Business, which is offered as a managed service through reseller partners, introduces a completely redesigned cloud-enabled management portal that’s much more intuitive to use. Customers and partners will notice quicker, more efficient management, with better user flows and fewer clicks. The new Windows client supports Windows 10 and Device Guard, the new Mac client supports El Capitan, and new features bring enhanced security and control.

The new features for Windows computers reflect current threats and issues for business:


· Content Type Filtering blocks active content on suspicious websites. Active content such as Flash continues to be targeted by cyber criminals who create exploits to infiltrate a company network.

· Connection Control elevates the security level while using business-critical sites like intranets and cloud services to protect business information. This prevents banking Trojans and other malware from spying on business-critical web sessions, stealing confidential information and sending it to criminals.

· Web Content Control allows employers to restrict unproductive and inappropriate Internet usage by employees.


F-Secure's endpoint solution is part of a holistic cyber security portfolio that is driving strong success and fast growth. The portfolio covers the full spectrum of services: Predicting possible threats, preventing attacks, detecting threats already in the network, and responding to security incidents with forensics and cleanup. Protection Service for Business is part of the prevention and detection stages. It employs several different layered technologies to proactively defend against both existing and emerging cyber threats. After being positioned as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms, F-Secure’s update of Protection Service for Business further distinguishes it in the market.

No Silver Bullet

"Our approach with Protection Service for Business is based on the fact that there is no one silver bullet to keep a business safe," says Samu Konttinen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Security at F-Secure. "There is not just one technology that will do the job every time. Cyber threats use various attack methods and vectors, and businesses need a host of technologies that work together, backing each other up to protect the enterprise. With Protection Service for Business, all the components are together in one package.”


Two key technologies in Protection Service for Business are F-Secure’s Security Cloud and DeepGuard. Security Cloud offers real-time threat intelligence via reputation and prevalence checks for fast, accurate detections that are always up to date. To protect from new threats, it works with DeepGuard, F-Secure’s heuristic and behavior analysis engine. If DeepGuard identifies a zero-day attack, the information is shared with Security Cloud, rendering the attack harmless to all clients within 60 seconds of initial detection.

Patch management is another crucial facet of a layered and proactive approach. F-Secure’s Software Updater is included with Protection Service for Business. With never-ending security updates, businesses can easily fall behind on patching, opening themselves up to opportunistic intrusions. In fact, according to a Verizon report, 99.9% of exploited vulnerabilities were compromised more than a year after the CVE was published.** Software Updater scans for and applies missing security updates in Windows and over 2500 third party applications to keep software security holes patched.

Protection Service for Business is a managed solution available through F-Secure’s authorized network of reseller partners. Because it’s a hosted solution, businesses do not need to invest in server hardware and with minimal maintenance, companies can spend their valuable time focusing on their core competencies.

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