New, Net-savvy ERP Software

MakESS on the Net is a virtual incarnation of MakESS, the ERP software from Eastern Software Systems. With MakESS on the Net, client organizations need not invest in computing equipment and ERP software solutions nor do they need to worry about protracted implementation schedules, expensive maintenance contracts or developing technology expertise. At the same time, it allows one to leverage the client-server mission-critical application that supports and often drives business practices. MakESS on the Net can be used either on an intranet or on the internet. 

Features of MakESS on the Net

  • LOW ADMINISTRATION AND MAINTENANCE COSTS: A traditional ERP implementation requires a server, an RDBMS database and ERP administrator. ‘Makess on the Net’ cuts these costs as the user needs to have an internet browser loaded on his machine.

  • EASY ACCESSIBILITY: Being net-centric, it is accessible to the user from almost anywhere.

  • JAVA-BASED APPLICATION: It can be used with any operating system that has got Java-based internet browser.

  • INTRANET COMPATIBLE: It can be deployed on an intranet.

  • SECURE DATA TRANSACTIONS: The database server will be on the private network of the ISP. Anyone who wants to access the database server can access it only through the company’s application server. The application server has two levels of security and all users are required to supply two different sets of passwords to access the database. 

  • CUSTOMIZATION: A standard package will be put on the application server that will not be customized.

  • Installation: One needs three to four months to install the product. 

In most client-server implementations today, running applications is a highly client-intensive process. Though data is extracted from a remote database server,
applications run on client machines which often have limited processing power and memory

MakESS on the Net supports a three-tier architecture wherein the application logic and processing are focused on a middle tier of application servers instead of desktop client machines. Being web enabled, the company can create infinite users once it has the username and password. As for connection failures in-between, if the transaction has already been made then the data gets saved. Otherwise, one needs to stay online to save the data.

The applications can not only run on a proxy server, but work without leased lines. Similarly, though it cannot be integrated with ERPs like SAP and Baan, MakESS on the Net can get interfaced with other ERPs. Apart from the main application, the company also offers online support, online user-manuals and implementation manuals. There are also chat rooms for online interaction.. 

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