New FDI norms lead to more jobs in India

Investments lead to employment, and one of the concrete leads in this direction is the increased FDI inflows at US$ 55.46 bn in financial year 2015-16, as against US$ 36.04 bn in 2013-14. This is the highest ever FDI inflow for a particular financial year. But how can a working professional capitalize on this opportunity personally?

The radical liberalization of the FDI regime announced by the government recently has further encouraged local entrepreneurship, global investment firms to invest in startups as well as global IT companies, such as Google, Apple Inc., Amazon, etc. to expand their businesses and networks in the country leading to income and employment growth.

“India, with its recent radical reforms in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regime, will become the most open economy on the global platform for FDI. The decision of liberalizing FDI policy by putting most sectors on the automatic route for foreign direct investment is going to be highly constructive in enhancing investment, income, employment and career opportunities in the country.” says Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solutions.

The Digital India mission is expected to create over five crore jobs in various sectors. Also, the project will facilitate Training to around 1 crore students for IT sector by 2020. Undoubtedly, Digital India is benefitting working professionals with a host of career opportunities and jobs.

However, as an individual, how does a competent professional ensure that they are making the best of this situation? Will their career decision launch them into a high growth trajectory?

In order ensure professionals are able to maximize the opportunities which are being brought in by these policy changes and investments TimesJobs has created a unique framework that assists them in effective career development.

To begin, with the largest pool of jobs on TimesJobs, job aspirants can ensure that they don’t miss out on any of the opportunities suitable to their profiles. In addition, they can assess the best job offers by reading Company Ratings & Reviews from potential companies and gain insights and inside information. With these insights on current jobs, company culture, work-life balance, compensation, candid employee reviews and ratings professionals are able to develop a connection with the company they wish to work for.

Looking inwards, TimesJobs helps professionals review their own skills and competencies, identify their personal skill gaps and improve their profiles as per the latest skills in-demand for their particular profession.

TimesJobs users also gain full access to – India’s Largest Platform for IT Professionals and all its skill assessment resources. These comprehensive IT skill assessment tools, tests and challenges help tech professionals benchmark their technical proficiency and also identify their skill strengths and gaps, so as to arrive at the best solution that enhances their professional growth most effectively.

Further, TimesJobs facilitates a guided search of current job opportunities for professionals even beyond simple job applications. Even at the stage of interviews, TimesJobs provides an exhaustive collection of Interview Tips and Questions from Top Companies on the portal to help them prepare and ace their interviews with their employer of choice.

Last but not the least, personal salary assessment and benchmarking must not be missed. For all their caliber, competent professionals must be aware of their true current market worth and negotiate for a compensation that is in line with their skills, experience and education.

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