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‘New Age Technologies have Created Nearly 150000 IT Jobs’

IT jobs like Data Scientists, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Architect, Cyber Security Expert, an Digital Project Manager are highly in demand with employers willing to pay salary in lakhs

Recently, Simplilearn released data on a survey titled “Digital Transformation & Future of Tech Jobs in India” conducted by them. The survey unveiled that IT jobs in new age digital technologies are highly in demand with employers willing to pay salaries that runs into lakhs. The report highlighted the five key domains – Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Digital Project Management – transforming industries across the world. This transformation is generating lucrative job opportunities for working professionals in the IT/ITes in India and is impacting the job market positively, says the report.

In an interaction with DataQuest, Mr Kashyap Dalal, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Simplilearn, enlightened us on the Simplilearn study, while also shedding light on how this trend is expected to grow in future.

Overview of the Simplilearn study

We do this report as an annual deep dive into market trends to make sure that we have visibility into what the future plans look like and most of the large enterprises and the job market in general, so that we can align our entire offering with the future expectations and in terms of jobs and skills that are in demand from this perspective.

What we typically do is a combination of two things one is – we reach out to a lot of our learners as well as our enterprise customers where it becomes an in depth interaction where we interact with some of the largest IT companies in the country as well as our learners who are actually doing the courses that we talked about. About their perspectives about the background; why they are doing this; why these skills are are critical; and what are the other skills that they try to invest over the next 2-5 years.

Second thing we do is a lot of secondary research in terms of the kind of jobs which are out there, and understanding how many jobs are open and what is the success rate in filling these jobs and what are the skill gaps and so on. So, these two areas need a lot of intense work we finally came up with this report which kind of summarizes the background and that learning that we see going on in the market.

The current vacancies in new age IT Jobs and how this trend will grow

We see almost hundred and fifty thousand openings are there through 2018. Some of them will already be filled and others will be still open, So, maybe 20 – 30% of those numbers will still be open. In terms of future projections, what we are really seeing is that for all large companies whether it is in India or in the US, digital transformation is a big area not only in the next one or two years but in the next decades itself so it is a strategic prediction that companies are taking and we expect the growth in the demand of these skills to continue.

What a Digital Project Manger does

Digital project manager is a new discovery for us as well and is anybody who is not a hands-on techie and is not comfortable about going and doing programming itself but still wants to be a part of the entire digital wave that is going on and the opportunities that are present. The digital project manager is a very interesting option to explore because one thing that we can see is that companies are looking for business people who are strong project managers and project leads and are comfortable with that.

So, a person might not be a hands on coder but if he is aware of these technologies like data science, AI, Machine learning, cloud and cybersecurity, and if they are able to manage projects that involve these technologies then it becomes a huge positive for the company because a lot of older set of project managers are people who are not reskilled in these.

What salaries can people expect after getting reskilled from platforms like Simplilearn

Project management professional who is equipped with all the digital skills and has better understanding of new age technologies could be roughly 25% more salary and compensation than a standard project manager with a PMP certificate. Some of the learners who have done our program and the kind of growth that they have got in terms of promotion from employers or getting new roles has been positive.


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