Netflix Password Sharing

Netflix Password Sharing Could Be Prohibited from 2023

Netflix is one of the most popular, but also one of the most costly, OTT platforms for digital content users in India, which is why password sharing among friends and family are frequent. However, Netflix may soon prohibit this technique.

Why has Netflix taken this action?

According to media sources, due to the apparent loss of income and the lack of new customers joining the site. Beginning in 2023, the OTT behemoth Netflix will likely make sharing of passwords among friends and family illegal.

Has Netflix had to bear losses?

Over the years, Netflix has listed password sharing as one of the key reasons for membership losses. According to The Wall Street Journal, Netflix intends to eliminate this problem by prohibiting password sharing outside one household.

According to media sources, the prohibition on Netflix password sharing would be applied in the United States and the United Kingdom before being implemented in India, giving customers a few more months to obtain their Netflix memberships.

Here are some of the rules that Netflix may introduce:-

  • Netflix’s new policy prohibiting sharing of password will most likely be implemented in the United States in 2023, with other countries following.
  • People living in the same home are likely to be able to share their Netflix credentials because they will be linked via the same WIFI network or IP addresses.
  • Aside from the mentioned prohibition, Netflix is expected to impose a new regulation allowing customers to rent pay-per-view material using their memberships.
  • Netflix may also explore releasing an ad-supported membership option shortly, with trials set to begin in 2023.
  • OTT companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO have made sharing of password illegal in the United Kingdom, citing copyright violations. 
  • Furthermore, as their membership rate has dropped significantly, Netflix has deliberately discouraged consumers from sharing their credentials with their friends.

The article has been written by Preeti Anand

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