Net Neutrality in India : Pay Rs 250 per month to access WhatsApp or Facebook

By Chandresh Dedhia, Head-IT, Fermenta Biotech

Net Neutrality is a Level Playing Field

Content marketing has enabled businesses of all sizes to provide their customers with highly relevant content tailored to meet specific needs, and the open web has allowed countless bloggers to build huge audiences by sharing content that they’re passionate about. This will be impossible if ISPs and large telcos get their way.

The preferential treatment that ISPs could (and would) charge for will tip the scale in favor of huge media companies that can afford to pay for unrestricted access and marginalize everyone else. What about family-owned businesses that run great blogs and rely on quality content as a marketing tool? What about start-ups that have built large audiences through niche content and specialized knowledge? What about the blogs that break the news stories mainstream media outlets are afraid to touch because they’re owned by the same conglomerates as the ISPs? Nope, Nahi, Nako! Oh, and forget about video marketing – unless you have loads of Cash to pay the gatekeepers of Internet (the Telecom Service Providers), it’s not going to happen.

Search marketers are sometimes accused of being reactionary and waiting to see what everyone else does before taking action. Don’t let this happen. Without net neutrality, search and internet marketing will be changed forever – and the results won’t be pretty.

Unless the web remains free and open, content marketing as we know it will be finished.

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