Bangalore-based Ness Technologies enters the BES rankings for the first time with an HR parameter rank of #7 and an employee parameter rank at #19. It comes in with a mixed performance-below rank 15 in four of the eight parameters and above 15 in the rest.

However, this was also a year during which Ness acquired Apar Technologies and therefore saw a 284% increase in employee size. The dynamics of inorganic growth of this scale always brings about widespread reservation amongst employees about the company’s HR policies (a parameter where it ranks very low). Larger problems are that even at this size few employees believe their opinions matter, have issues with the transparency of the company’s policies and procedures and few are sure about its standards of corporate governance.

Consequently, only 11% of its employees chose it as their Preferred Employer (rank #19). Despite one of the highest salary hikes and number of training days, employee satisfaction on both these parameters also remained comparatively low.

Reasons for Joining

ScoreIndustry Rank
Growth opportunities39.32
Technology one is working on14.34
Job content10.710

High Scores

ScoreIndustry Rank
Well paid856
Clearly defined goals9413
Initiatives recognized during appraisal9110

Low Scores

ScoreIndustry Rank
Company responsive to issues/problems8619
My opinion matters8219
Open policies creating positive environment 8019

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